Friday, November 23, 2007

Back too...

Last Friday, I went back to Kuching to attend one of my best friend's wedding. AirAsia should increase their flight frequency back to Kuching la! So far, there's only one flight per day. I thought of going home one day earlier but there's no flight on Thursday! Fine. I booked the 8.40 p.m. flight on Friday lo. Then, AA sms-ed me to inform that my flight is scheduled earlier and it's at 5.40 p.m. They even phoned me to tell me that and I thought what a good service eh? I had to take time off to leave office earlier and well, what the heck. My flight was delayed till 6.40 p.m. One hour of delay. Hmph. So I waited and waited and waited. Then they announced that there's gonna be another ONE MORE HOUR of FREAKING DELAY. Ngai ti! Why wanna re-scheduled earlier and make ppl wait for 2 hours++. Haiyo. Pek chek. Yet, I thought I could go home earlier and go over to Fiona's place earlier. Haih.

Anyways, I was sick on that day and could not sleep at all before the big day. So, I helped her mum and grandma with the decorations and stuffs. I guess they did not sleep at all before the big day too. Keng! Hehe.

I'm not gonna blog about the wedding yet as I am still SICK! It's been one week liao. Hell NO. I've been sick for 2 weeks already. Visited the doctor 3 times in 2 weeks and I've been coughing and coughing non stop. What suck most is that whenever I cough, I would feel a terrible pain on my abdomen. Sadness. I had running nose two days ago and my boss asked me to take MC and rest at home. So thoughtful. ^_^

Here's a pic of me and my best + oldest friends. Let's see. From left, it's Annie and I've known her for 12 years+. And in case you have totally no idea how I look like, I am the one sitting on the second left. As for the other two, Fiona (the one in wedding gown) and Shin, I've known them for 18 years+. Really old friends eh. And I wonder it will be whose turn to get wed next. Blek. =P

Please come back for more updates later. I hope I will be well by then. ^^


PoiPoi said...

get well soon. :)

lol. still looks the same after long holiday :P

Eryn said...

Hehe. Thank you thank you.

Heard that you are sick also wo. Hmmm. Were you in sunshine for dinner the other day? =P

PoiPoi said...

ya loh. still recovering. sobz.. the stupid flu just keep on coming back. haha..

yaps. i was there.. it was u right? i tot i mistaken u with someone else 'cos u wearing glasses ahaha :P