Thursday, November 01, 2007

Cherry Blossom

Ah Mao forwarded us the Air Asia offer this morning and Wyenn was like ... "kia.. we go Penang again! I miss Cherry Blossom". And Ah Mao thought the flower can be eaten one meh? Then baru he recalled ... "Ooh. That Thai Restaurant is it?" Haha. If there's anyone visiting me in Penang and if got time, I will surely bring them to this restaurant which is just 5 mins drive from my house. Not because it is near la of course. I cannot simply resist the yummy food there! *drool*

Introducing ....

1) Green Curry Chicken (My # 1 Favourite)

2) Belacan Fried Chicken Wings

3) 'Special Style' Fried Kang Kong (My # 2 Favourite)

4) Tom Yam Seafood (My # 3 Favourite)

5) Meng Kam as one of their starters

They have these little bowls of chilies, garlic, onions, nuts, etc. and all you need to do is to mix them altogether (depends on your likings) on a piece of leaf and apply some 'kuah' on top of that. Kinda special lo. =P

And the END RESULT.....

Banana: "ooohh...... ahhhh........."

LOL. End of story.


This was what Chloe and Banana were doing to my two little cute Pooh Bears when I was driving.



Pretty lame post eh? Okay la. Time to post up some cuties!

Look at how she bites her cage. The paint is fading! GOSH! Just imagine the toxic that she has consumed! >_<

What are you looking at! -.-"


Annie said...

I want...
When I go Penang, pao khia and chiak har.. :P

Eryn said...

LOL. Bao kia eh sai la. Bao ciak ar. Depends on what kind of food lei. If you want me to treat you to those high class places, I mah pokkai?

lim 'the' eh sai la. =P

Annie said...

As long as the food is yummy can liao..
Mien high class eh..
Oi!! Make fun of my typo.. =.=