Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm leaving on a jetplane... don't know when I'll be back again..

Yay! We are back from Phuket. I miss Phuket so much. I miss the beautiful beaches. I miss all the yummy Thai food. And of course, I miss the cheap shoppings and I regret not buying more! Haih. I would like to visit Phuket again. But of course in few years time from now la. Hehe. How fast good time flies eh? Memorable 5 days and 4 nights in Phuket. But what matter most depends on who you are going with right? *blush*

To sum up, the trip was very fun and adventurous. We rented a car and Melv became the driver. I had to check on the maps to make sure that we were on the right track! Macam Amazing Race going from pit stop to pit stop lei. Haha. Not much updates on my Phuket trip yet as I was quite busy recently. Work is piling up as my company sent me for a one week training. Will update later when I am free ya? Here are some photos instead.

Maya Bay (This is where the movie 'The Beach' by Leonardo DiCaprio was shot)

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island

Monkey Beach - Look behind me. Our tour guide (who speaks good English) was feeding the monkey COKE!


It's November again. Happy Birthday Wyenn! Happy Birthday Pigu! Happy Birthday Banana! Though we are not celebrating your birthdays together this year, I really hope you guys have all the fun in the world! Who knows there might be a chance where we can have a big birthday celebration again next time. 3 in 1 eh? We shall see.


Well, since I was not around in the office for more than 1 week, my colleague of mine missed me so much that he decided to dedicate THIS to me.

See how bored he is? Playing with the RDS (Radio Digital System). I was told that if it ain't for the message, he won't even bother to try to finish the work fast. And I should be glad that I inspired someone to do great things. Nice isn't it? 'Some ppl' just don't know that they sux and they have to offend ppl like that. But THANK YOU. I'll be keeping this pic somewhere forever.


I will be flying back to Kuching in few hours time. Gonna attend my best friend's wedding and be her chi mui! Few years back, we chatted about who's gonna get wed first and now it's really happening! Haha.

Congrats to Fiona and Chung

For better or worse, through thick and thin
You'll be by each other's side
Sharing the laughters and the tears
through life's uncertain ride.
Nobody knows what the future holds
we all must wait and see.
But for the two of you,
there is no doubt
The BEST is yet to be.


Miss Piggy Lass said...

jealous!! Ha!! I was supposed to go to phi phi island....but when i was in pattaya....i fell from banana boat and injured my head and i felt sick for a few days and thus canceled my phi phi island trip!! :'(..........would love to go one day....btw, it looks simply fantastic!!

Eryn said...

Wah. That's bad. Getting hurt while you were travelling. Pity. But I'm sure you will get to visit Phi Phi one day! You sure don't wanna miss out that. Hehe.

And thanks for stopping by @ my blog. I will update more pics later. Hehe.