Monday, December 17, 2007

3 in 1 Entry

Sat - 15th Dec 07

Went out with my fellow colleagues for a day out @ Queens Bay Mall. Our first destination was Sakae Sushi. I think the 4 of us are actually Japanese food lovers! =P

I didn't really managed to snap pics of the food as I was busy eating. Somemore, I've visited this place N times already and yeah... I love Sakae Sushi. =P

After my brunch, we went shopping of course! That's the main motive ma. Hehe. And after hours of walking around, we decided to fill our tummies with the desserts at Dragon-I Restaurant. Actually, on Friday night, I went out with the German guy and we had our dinner at Dragon-I too. (I'll blogged about that later on if I am free.) I guess it's famous and they serve yummy food and desserts! The ambiance is quite nice too and I enjoy their specialty - Xiao Long Bao. Previously, I've blogged about this place and here's the entry if you are interested. =P

Beware. Lots of tempting and fattening food ahead!

After our desserts, we continued our shopping quest again and I think I spent 6 hours walking in QB! After that, I left QB and went Sunshine Mall to grab a steamer pot. And I spent another hour walking!

For supper, I prepared Steamed Chicken with Herbs. Anyone?


Sunday - 16th Dec 07

We left home at 6.15 a.m. yesterday and went Sunshine Market for an early breakfast. Around 6.40 a.m., we registered ourselves at the reporting station and before 7.15 a.m., we started our walk! It lasted for nearly 2 hours and my legs got so sore after the walk. (and also from the whole afternoon of shopping @ Queens Bay Mall earlier! And also from my yoga class on Friday!)

It's still dark.

Ooo. The sun is out! What a lovely day. ^_^

Starwalk 2007 Banner.

Can you see the bunch of crowded people WAY IN FRONT?

How about this pic?

YAY! I've reached the finishing line! *phew*

Inside the hall, enjoying the performance and waiting anxiously for the lucky draw.

I think there's like > 8000 ppl joining and there's like < 50 prizes were given out as lucky draws.. The lucky draws were actually quite tempting lo. Got Panasonic's 29' TV, 26' LCD Flat Screen, Microwave Oven, Hi Fi System, Water Heater, Suzuki's Motorbikes, Air Line Tickets to China/Taipei/Kch/KK/Aussie/etc. , Nokia latest handphones... and yadda yadda... And why lady luck wasn't smiling on us lei? >_<

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maoi said...

it is ok..
u can try it... again
next yr... next next yr...
the lady luck will smile again to u.. >:)