Friday, December 14, 2007

Burn your FAT

Me, Melv and some of my colleagues are joining Starwalk this Sunday!

Venue: Penang International Sport Arena, Bayan Baru, Penang
Distance: 10km ... GOSH!!

There will be lucky draws after the event and popi me or Melv can win some! =P


It's Friday again and today seems to be a bit depressing. A German colleague of mine (who has been sitting behind me for the last 4 months) will be leaving for Germany on Sunday. Sobs. No more ang mo to chit chat with me when I am bored liao. I enjoyed learning all sorts of German traditions that they have from him. How grand October Fest actually is in Germany. How different their working environment is compared to ours. How 'A' is pronounced as 'Ahh'. How 'I' is pronounced as 'E' and how 'E' is pronounced as 'IEAH' or more to the real 'A'. (I think I will forget this next time, so I figure I might jot these down here.) Well, the list just goes on and on. I would love to visit Germany one day and perhaps, I can find this friend of mine when I am there! *cross fingers*. Will be going for dinner later with him and some of his other colleagues. Hmmm... Seems like I am the only one in my department who he invites!!! Geee... Should I be proud? Blek... I don't know why the others in my department don't really mix around with him. Sigh. Anyways, I do hope we can meet again in the future. Who knows right? He might be our big boss in the future. Kakakaka...


Well, this is my new toy which I got for myself. A Doggy Bone Wrist Rest!

It's quite comfy to use lo. Hehe. Hopefully I won't get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. From Google, it's actually a common disorder in the wrist and hand. The symptoms include pain, tingling and weakness in the muscles caused by pressure on the median nerve in the wrist area; usually caused by being on the computer for extended amount of time. So, those who work with a computer/laptop like me (pointing finger to Wyenn) should get one too eh?

How many wrist pads are needed for me then?

Till then, enjoy your weekends.



wyenn said...

hoho, i already had a doggy long wrist rest since in cyber lor. long enough for me to rest on keyboard as well as mouse \:d/

Eryn said...

yer ler. donno who complain the most lei? although got doggy. doggy u use at home one lei. [-x doesn't count.

wyenn said...

blar, i complain only when dota, cause used mouse a lot. lol.. ei, when u going back to kuching? dot this weekend?

Eryn said...

LOL. Boleh jugak.

Going back on Wed =P YAY!