Monday, December 03, 2007

Cheese Indulgence

It's been ages since I last blogged. Have been suffering from cough plus flu on and off for 4 weeks liao. Sobs. Now I still cough a bit and my abs still hurt. Sometimes I cough till my heart ache too. Really macam *sam tung*. Macam suffering from heart attack. CHOI! :S

I was really busy ever since I came back from Kuching. Overtime till late at night and I think I must have spent at least 14 hours in the office! Gosh! Last Saturday was a working Saturday too and someone went shopping without me. =(

Managed to knock off from work earlier and cooked Italian dinner for me and Melv. Hoho. That cabo has been cooking so much lately and I am also tempted to cook too. LOL.

It's Cheese Attack for dinner tonight!

Potato Soup. Link here for the recipe of the soup. I added everythng except the celery. =P

Main Course: Macaroni & Cheese Carbonara.

Cooking of ham & mushroom in the progress. And also the potato soup!

Ham & Mushroom =p~

Creamy Potato Soup

And... the FATTENING end result...

Yummy =p~

After dinner, I got a special delivery from the cabo neighbour. It's another cheese attack again! Presenting...

Dessert: The Sotong's Orange Cheese Cake

How can you resist such temptation? =P

Need to go for diet liao. Plain moi everyday to get rid of the fat I just consumed. Argh. It's so so so so sinful. Btw, I just joined Yoga class. Can help to keep fit gua. Used to go hiking every Wednesday @ Bukit Jambul but seems like everyone is lazy to keep up with that activity liao. =(


Presenting Sooty and Tooty in action.


Miss Piggy Lass said...

wow!! Your recipes look great!! I will try it one day haha....Is it of ur oen little experiment or? And oh!! Just something i learnt in China, try coke+ginger....simmer and boil...tastes good and helps with cough,flu etc ;)

Eryn said...

Ha. Experiment few times liao. Just that my friend staying next door is trying out new recipes. Am tempted to cook as well. :P

Ooh. I had that in China too. Nice esp during cold weather. Ok!! I will get a coke during the weekend and try that XD.