Monday, December 10, 2007

Early Xmas Celebration

We had potluck today in the office where everyone is required to bring their own food to share with others. I brought my self made cheese cake. It was a pretty tedious job esp. when I had to pound the biscuits for the crust. My right hand got so sore after that. :(

Well, I am not gonna crap much. This is basically an entry with lots and lots of pics of the nice food we had for our little lunch party.

Tada. Presenting my version of lemon cheese cake.

My manager made this and she named it as Xmas Bun.

Some goreng pisang, ubi keledek and 'nien gao'.

Finger Licking Good KFC.

A very healthy salad.

Fried Tomyam Mihun

Yummy Roti Jala.

Curry with Potatoes Kuah for Roti Jala.

Baskin Robbins for dessert. Ooh La La. (I know I still cough, so shut up =P)

Chocolate Flavour Ice Cream. I forgot what it's called. I don't really fancy chocolate anyway so what the heck.

My all time favourite - Rum & Raisin.

We had coffee with muffin around 4 p.m. too. Too much food to consume and finish at the same time. But I think we had a great time. ;)

Hmm. What's next? 3 layered cheese cake as requested by someone? ;)

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Annie said...

i want 4 layer cheese cake for me birthday bake by miss eryn...
not so greedy right? 4 layer only.. :P