Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm on diet

"Malam ni nak makan...." Then I paused a while, thinking what is the Malay word for porridge. LOL. Yup. Like I said in my previous entry, I will have plain porridge for diet liao. T_T

I mean it. =P

I prefer my porridge to be the dry type. Nah. I don't like watery porridge. It will make me go hungry faster. Diet konon huh? Still can make a fuss on this and that. Shouldn't I make my porridge as watery as possible? Rice can also make you fat ma. LOL.

Aaahhh. It's called BUBUR in Malay. I can finally recall. Gosh.

Okay la. I am just bluffing here. How can I consume plain porridge for dinner nia? Really wanna torture my tummy meh? Hehe.

We had these! Yum. *drool*

My mum's ngoh hiang brought all the way from Kuching. Yum.

Fried Egg with 'Lobak Manis'. Argh. What's that called in English? Anyone?

A porridge meal ain't complete without this!

But what's the most important dish of all? It's my all time fave - Minced Meat with Bean Paste. Loveee itttt.........

Tada ... There goes my diet ...


wyenn said...

with all the oily dishes, "5 siang" somemore. i dun think ur diet plan will succes [-x u should only eat that "ham tan" with porridge, can add some vege too.

maoi said...

crap is on.. "diet konon" mode...

angele said...

It's the same old story with me! On the day I decide to go on a diet, my mom would cook my favorite dishes and it's so hard to resist =(