Monday, January 28, 2008

Char Mee Suah

Had a very healthy meal last night. I cooked FRIED MEE SUAH. Yum. Finally, I managed to find 'Malee Chai' a.k.a. Pucuk Manis at the supermarket. It's very rare to find this vege here in Penang or in West Malaysia but back in Kuching, you can find it almost everywhere!

Below is the vege that I am talking about. If you have zero idea what it is, erm... It's the vege that they use when they serve your Pan Mee or Mee Huen Kueh. Get it know? It's my favourite vege lei! Must know! Must know! I think I had it almost everyday when I was back in Kch the other day. =P

The Ingredients:

Pucuk manis stripped into little pieces.

Fried egg.

Little shrimps.

Half Packet of Mee Suah.

Don't know if you can get this type of mee suah here or not because normal mee suah will become 'lam pet pet' after you boil it. And ya, boil for like 2-3 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Cook the vege and shrimps with garlic and onions and throw the mee suah in! Add 1-2 pinch of salt and 2 spoonful of Shao Hsing
Hua Tiaw Wine. Then start mixing and stirring!

And the output...

Ooh la la...

Green Bean Soup for dessert. Perfect!

There's still some leftover for the mee suah so I decided to save it for breakfast! Gave a bit for my colleagues to try and they said nice woh! *happy* ^_^

Hmm. After writing this entry, I realized something. Sharon Sotong is not in her motherly form anymore. No more free cheese cake from her! :(

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Sharon said...

i'm back being young again
no more maternal instincts? LOL
>_< my white mice back in cyber liau :(