Thursday, January 24, 2008

Conned by a Doc

Yup. The title is correct. I was conned by a panel doctor few months back. Remember that I had a bad cough and I cannot recover for a few weeks? I went back to the same doctor and he said I need a stronger medicine. And HE SAID I HAVE TO FORK EXTRA MONEY FOR THAT. I was told that the total medical charge was RM35 but my medical limit was only RM25. Due to my 'bochap-ness' or can I say my 'selamba-ness', I just paid that 10 bucks and left. 10 bucks only ma. Still, I did not recover and the medicine didn't help AT ALL. Stronger konon. The only thing that helped was my perseverance to get well and had more junk food plus cold drinks.

Today, I got the feeling that I am falling sick again and therefore, I went to the company's clinic to ask for some medicine for sore throat. My kepo-ness struck me and I asked the nurse about the medical charge thingy. I asked if RM25 is the limit that I can claim and she asked if I am an engineer. I said yes and she looked blurry. Then, she asked me for the clinic name and asked me to enter the room. After getting the details, she straight away called the clinic and DEMANDED an explaination. Well, she is a pretty stern and fierce lady and I am quite afraid of her actually. She scolded the clinic's nurse for charging me money. Even if operators need to pay another 100 bucks for the medical charge, the panel clinic cannot charge them at all and they can claim from the company. GOSH. I didn't know there's such limit before this but Fishy was told by the nurse that the panel clinics SHOULD not claim anything from us. But Fishy only told me after the incident. Sobs. Again, 10 bucks only ma. So bo chap lo. Wakakakaka...

The nurse used the word ‘COMPLAIN’ against the clinic and finally she hung up. If I clarify this matter with her 2 months back, maybe she can do something for me. But what pissed me off is the DOCTOR! He was the one telling me to pay and the reason given to our nurse is that the nurse is new and she doesn't know the policy. Or did I hear wrongly and they blamed it on me as I am the one new and I didn't know this kind of policy? I was like WTF!!

Sigh. Popi I wont be falling sick before and during CNY. I always do! Darn. Now I will blacklist that clinic liao. Or maybe they already blacklisted me. Grr.

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wyenn said...

huh, duno the policy can be considered as panel clinic? zzzz.. the doc useless lar, try another clinic!