Thursday, January 24, 2008

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Which of the followings is true?

I think the coolest one is this...

So, what do you think?

Why so bias on the ladies? *sob sob*

I forward the very same mail to my fellow colleagues and guess what my lady boss told me. She said she doesn't agree with the above. WHY? She said... Mr. Colleague a.k.a. Fishy is even more complicated than women! So... the above pictures don't make sense at all! Hmm... I STRONGLY AGREE with her. Fishy, don't /emo after reading this ar... LMAO...


tOOty said...


Eryn said...

Wah. Fishy becomes Tooty? NAH. You're no match for tooty.

Cheap dou sei. Why use my tooty to scold me!!