Saturday, January 12, 2008


My colleagues and I have been talking about all sorts of hairstyles the whole day! Working Saturday and seems like everyone is not in the mood as usual. We (erm... me mostly) even Googled around for the latest trendy hairstyles. LOL.

We love this! Haha. Kate Tsui from HK's TVB is indeed 'chio' and I think she has been changing hairstyles from time to time.

I asked my coll what's the meaning of 'chio' as I always hear ppl say 'chio' or 'chio bu'. Well, I Googled and this is what I found. Chio bu is a general term to describe an attractive object, usually associated to a female human. By attractive, it could be cute, pretty, sexy, or other qualities that the person using the word would define it by. Chio bu is a subjective term to say that "That girl is attractive in my eyes", or to simply put "That is an attractive(chio) girl(bu)". Why cannot say 'chio bo'? Wakakaka... Macam lao bu nia...

So, what about guys? Chio Peh? Chio Tapo? LOL.

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