Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's a very BIG decision...

Made a BIG BIG BIG decision today. Makes me mull over for quite some time you know?

Yeap! Going to the hair saloon! Ha! Ha! What were you thinking? PC sure thinks about the same thing again. =P

Ms. Hairdresser said DYE one color is very common nowadays and she suggested for TWO TONES. Top layer is brown and bottom layer is red. Hehe.

That's the length of my hair before I cut. Long or not? Sayang to cut but what to do. Desperately need to get a haircut!

TADA. The current length of my hair. Still very long la. Mr. BF said he wanna find a new GF with long hair liao. Sobs.

Presenting the BROWN tone...

And the RED tone... I also highlighted a bit as my hair is too black and the color is not so visible.

Me and Sharon have officially become a 'la la mui' liao. Wakakaka. More stuffs to pat here.

1 comment:

childs said...

Don't say I leng zai leh... (though I AM leng zai n cute n nice ppl n single n available... but) I WILL PAI SEH DE LA.... haha

Btw I am still testing the ASADI now... see when it will break, will update about the test output :p