Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monkey Beach with NO Monkeys!

Penang National Park. Here I come.

Last Saturday night, I watched SAW 4 till 1 am+ and well, SAW 4 wasn't as nice as the first three. Or is it because of the lousy company? BLEK! I slept around 2 am and woke up around 4 am thinking that it's 7 am already! Gosh.

Here's some of the (many) photos that I took on our way up to Monkey Beach.

The Jetty.

Rocks By The Sea.

Boat. (obviously)

Another one.

Sinking boat house?

Somebody HELP!

Yup. I snapped photos of almost everything.

Even this! A doggy camwhoring with us!
And... Sharon said: "NO!! GET THE DOG AWAY FROM ME!!"

Our model of the day.

She must be lonely, staying alone in the island. Or is it a HE?

Aaaahhhh. My favourite pic.

In Sharon's blog, she said this is the 'chor lo' (rough) way of going through the blocking trees but HEY!!! You are the one asking me to pretend and pose!!!

Still can camwhore. Not bad what.

Lansi konon. :P

And since there are no monkeys to see (as if we never see one la), we decided to snap a pic of our shadows! Haha! Follow the Cyber's trend. -.-"

Me and Penguin. My junior from MMU who came over to PG for a 2 days trip.

You get what I mean? Cyber's trend. And NO. I wasn't one of them!

Leng zai ma? He kept promoting his ASADI slippers which he wore and hiked all the way, going through the obstacles. But seriously, don't you wear that to kow lui! =P

During this trip, I finally met Mr. PoiPoi face to face. LOL. Here are some photos I 'curi' from his blog. Hopefully, he is hardworking enough to post more and not forgetting, sharing the pics that he took with us! *grin*

Nice macro.

Argh. Compared to my photo, this is really GOOD! That's PRO vs NOOB bah.. >_<

Now, I really want a DSLR badly.

Due to our tiredness, we took a boat ride back to the island. It costed us 10 bucks per person. But first... let me look for my wet shoes plus socks first. *blush*

Fine la. My excuse for taking the boat ride back was because of my wet shoes! Not comfy to wear while hiking ma. =P

Yum. A bowl of lemak laksa before we go home. =p~

Reached home around 3 pm. Gosh. Just imagine how long we took! And... YUP. I know it's very rare to find me getting up so early and do this kind of strenuous activity during my weekend!

More details and photos here. ;)


Jocelyn said...

Nice place... I especially like the dog camwhoring :)

Oh yes.. and I like the cho lor tree climbing shot too :P

maoi said...

so nice photos...
i wan SLR too [-o<

Sharon said...

ask u to pose but u pose until chor lor like ma :P

Zeekco said...

Nice post! yeah.. im eyeing for a dslr too. really beh tahan with the quality of pics my fren/colleague been showing. Every other someone in lafarge has a dslr. and i feel so amateur with my compact digital. so after bonus, we together-gether buy??? haha... im eyeing on Nikon D40x or Canon 400.. below 3k wan lar...

but i cant imagine u n sharon dat time. now with digital compact u all camwhore kaukau liao.. with dslr sure whole penang both ur pics! LOL

Eryn said...

Thank you!

Erm. You've been saying that for quite some time liao wo. :P

I purposely one ma. Mana tahu it turned out liddat.

Most girls like to camwhore ma. Even doggies do that! Sobs. Say till like that. I think I'll stick to Canon. LOL. But if wanna camwhore, have to bring the heavy DSLR here and there lei. :(

PoiPoi said...

eer.. stick to compact ler. DSLR is too heavy leh and very expensive also. haha.
you buy a cheap body (<3K) then after a while u get new lens, then external flash, then filter, etc etc. all also not cheap eh. hehe.
if you want get canon! canon USM Lens is fast and quite. nikon got also ler but not that fast loh. but then nikon body cheaper but some of the lens is more expensive. :P
but DSLR pic can take in RAW format(what i do), so each pics is about 9MB, haha so prepare to get a bigger HHD also ahha. :P