Friday, January 11, 2008

New Malls In Kuching

First is Bouvelard. People will say 'boh lui bek' (as in no wallet/purse) and how to go Boulevard like that lei? Lawak. Well, I think the mall is nothing. I went there with Cheryl and it was pretty crowded. First day bah. The stuffs sold are just 'mah mah dei'. The clothes? No comment. Shopping at Boulevard is like shopping at Penang's Prangin Mall/Bukit Jambul, Kelantan's KB Mall or KL's Times Square (the upper levels)/Kota Raya/KL Plaza. LOL. Don't know about the supermarket though. Well, this is just my opinion and I don't know how you think.

Second is The Spring and I think it's not bad. Haven't been there yet but I've seen the photos. Should be quite big and I really pray Kch will have its own GSC! The other two cineplex really suck. And smelly!! And when you are watching movies, you will have lots of heads blocking your view! Urgh. Well, these photos are obtained from CatsCity website and I didn't even know Kch has its own website. LOL.

Hmm. The design is a bit similar to PutraJaya's Alamanda right? Just picture yourself @ Alamanda and Carrefour is just at the end if you keep walking. On your right, you will be seeing lots of nice cafes and restaurants and if you turn backwards and keep walking, you will reach Jusco (Opsss. I mean Parkson!). LOL. I miss Alamanda. Can you imagine that? Those were the days in CyberJaya. You'll be very contented even if you get to makan there during working days!

Well, Third is Green Heights Mall. Not opened yet and you can find Cold Storage there! Definitely a walking distance from my place. LOL. Oh. I'm running out of THIS! WALK to Green Heights Mall and grab it. Oh. I'm running out of THAT! WALK to Green Heights Mall and grab it. LOL.

I really wonder if these 3 malls can survive or not. Judging from Kch's population. But tell you what! Kch is really developed nowadays. I can hardly recognize the roads when I was back at home! *Applause*. Or maybe I haven't return to Kch for a long time liau? >_<


Anonymous said...

you mean parkson rite? There's no Jusco at Alamanda....

Eryn said...

Opss. Yah. Modified already. :P

Pink Cotton said...

i love the a lot! ^_^

its a kuchingite girl's paradise! :P

Chev said...

Err... must be u haven't go back to Kuching for ages. Hehehe, at least i can still find my way and go around in Kuching after 5 years :P