Monday, January 07, 2008


Sooty got bitten when I was back in Kuching. Melv said she bled a lot too. Look at her wound. Darn. Whole patch of fur missing.

The other night, she bled again. I fear that her wound might get worse and infected. She might have chance of having abscess. Abscesses occur when a bite, scratch or wound becomes infected and pus forms under the skin resulting in a lump. Some abscesses may burst and this can increase the chances of infection making the hamster very ill.

Pity hor? Hence, I decided to bring her to the vet just opposite Sg. Nibong's bus station. Mr. Vet got rid of the pus for Sooty and she was in pain. *sayang sayang*. Mr Vet then gave me a bottle of Iodine and asked me to apply on her wound twice a day. Iodine can be used to eliminate bacterial infection that would prevent wound closure. Altogether, it costed me RM18 for the treatment. My mum said I could buy another hamster with that amount of money liao. But I sayang my Sooty ma. What to do. I think my heart will hurt a lot if she 'kong byebye' to me one day. Hamsters can live up to 2 years at most. Sooty and Tooty are now 8-9 months old. 'Popi' they will have a longer life... =(


Sharon said...

ouch* kesian nya..
go hit Tooty!

maoi said...

i help u...
ah bishhh tooty... b-(

Chev said...

Hope Sooty get well soon..

I have few hamsters in the past, and they are all now in hamster heaven. Each of my hamsters had different personalities, just like humans ;)