Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Outdated Post on Thaipusam

This is a super duper outdated post on Thaipusam, which fell on 23rd of January 2008. As always, for more details, please refer to Sharon's blog here. My laziness got hold of me. See how long did it take to get me posting this entry! Wakakakak. =P

Behold! Lots of nice photos coming up.

Looks real no?

Nicely lit. ;))

Booth with Elephants!

Another one.

Another two.

Lokam? Isn't that a Chinese God? Or is it just CNY Mood? =P

This is the packet of offering given by Sharon. I blur blur take nia lo. Haha.

Queued up and passed the coconut to an Indian. He then cut it into half and I was told to place these on the coconut. I did not managed to snap a pic of that cuz it's really really crowded! =(

See? We had to queue up again and pass it to another guy to do *donno what*. Argh!!! I forgot what we did here!!!

Offerings by the roadside.

Fortune telling using a parrot. Is it burung nuri? LOL totally no idea. Sharon said the birdie only picks card in the middle range. Your destiny lies in a bird bird. LOL.

Ren shan, ren hai.

Mountain people, mountain sea.

Carrying milk to the temple. I heard that they will bathe God with milk.

Wet the road to ease the long walk up to the temple.

This is the temple where they bathe their GOD.

Need 5 bucks entrance fee lei. :S
Popi the newly born?

Gosh. A gal doing this in front of everyone. I can feel the pain for her.

Don't know why they need the person on the left for.

Piercing the mouth. Urgh.

Painful no?

Disgusting la wei. I realized only those meaty people have this at their back. :S

Milk on the head and more milk on the back.

Big Kavadi.
From Google, kavadi is defined as decorated wooden pole with an arch over it carried on shoulders by devotees with offerings such as flowers, milk, rose-water etc. I didn't know it's called kavadi back then. :P

Don't know why they are selling the peacock feathers for. Anyone?

Another nicer kavadi.

On the way down, I saw these *ahem* gay *ahem* couple sleeping.

Drawings on the road.

Another one which I love!

Look yummy to you?

I think they sure taste very very very very sweeeeetttt. :S

Another one.

They look cute, aren't they?


So ORANGE! Nah. I am not tempted to buy any of them at all. :S


wyenn said...

they use lots of coloring in the food huh? the color all so sharp :O i am not tempted either [-x

PoiPoi said...

:( i miss out all the fun. sobz..