Friday, January 18, 2008


Reflecting back, it was 2-3 years ago. In Cyber that time, when we do not know what to have for dinner, the 7 of us - me, wyenn, maoi, bunny, banana, chloe and pigu will have our usual 'cooking session' together! A few of us will prepare a certain amount of dishes while others will prepare drinks or tidbits, cook rice or just sit there waiting to be served! *cough*. You know who u are. *cough*. LOL.

Here are the trial and error that we managed to come out with...

Brocoli with Oyster Sauce, Fried Black Pomfrets, Corn Soup. For my favorite corn soup of all times, I added some cucumbers and minced pork and it tasted GREAT!

Bla bla bla veges (I don't know what it is called!) with Crab Sticks, Tofu with Minced Meat, Lobak Manis & Mushroom, Fried Eggs

Fried Cabbage with Luncheon Meat, Plain Cabbage with Dried Shrimps, Steamed White Pomfrets

Fried Eggs with Chinese Sausages, Sweet and Sour Black Pomfrets, Duck

And here are the naughty fellas...

I miss the good old days oh... *blush*

After our dinner, we would watch movies or play games together! There was once where some of us brought our laptops over and play Maple Story together! LAN Party! Joining Party Quest till 7 in the morning! Do you still remember that, guys? LOL.

Well, one of the many movies that we watched together was SAW I. With the lights being switched off, it was really scary and you might jump up with fright anytime! That night, we watched SAW 1 and 2 continuously, giggling and screaming all the way in the dark. And we kept wanting for more! It is such a nice movie and it is really hard to find people who would enjoy this kind of movie, you know? SAW is actually a horror/thriller movie whereby you will get to see LOTS and LOTS of gross stuffs that might make you puke and scream out loud! And it's coming non stop! Really... Super SHIOK!

From Wiki, the plot of the series revolves around the Jigsaw Killer, a dying vigilante who kidnaps his victims and places them in deadly traps to test them and give them an opportunity to repent from their former lifestyle in which they took their lives for granted. The films typically consist of several small traps that are resolved within a short length of time and lay foundation for a larger trap which occupies most of the time of the movie. Each movie tends to conclude with a twist-ending that wraps things up, but also creates more questions to be answered in the following film.

This is how the Jigsaw Killer looks like, hiding behind that eerie mask.

One of the main focuses are the traps which the Jigsaw Killer create for their victims. They are referred as games and tests. One of their infamous game that I would like to crap about is ...

The Jaw Splitter
. Wakakaka...

The victim for this game was called Amanda. She was bound with duct tape to the armrests of a chair, and a heavy metal apparatus was hooked up into her upper and lower jaws. Jigsaw, through his puppet on the tape recording, revealed to Amanda that she would have one minute to remove the contraption before it snapped open. The mechanism would rip her jaws open in the process, killing her. To emphasize the point, a demonstration was shown to Amanda, who watched as the device went off on a mannequin head. Jigsaw told her that the key needed to unlock the contraption was in the stomach of the dead man lying across the room from her.

As the tape ended, Amanda wriggled her arms free from the duct tape, at which point she stood up, pulling and snapping a trigger wire that set off the one-minute timer on the back of the contraption on her head. She quickly raced over to her cell mate, whereupon she had to cut into his stomach and retrieve the key, even after discovering that he was not actually dead as suggested, but in an opiate-induced state of paralysis, unable to move or feel pain. Amanda managed to remove the device just in time, throwing it onto the floor just as it snapped open.

Amanda and The Jaw Splitter

Cool isn't it? Opss. I mean GROSS.

Amanda in the Needle Pit. Yeap. The same Amanda who survived the first test.

Addison trapped in the Hand trap, screaming for help.

Here's a list of traps in SAW film series if you are interested. :)

At first I thought SAW III is the last of the trilogy but I was wrong!
There are TWO MORE to go! I can't wait to watch SAW IV right now! I watched a bit last night and the very first thing they show is the postmortem scene! I really gross out when they cut the head open, drill into the skull and operate on the brain!

So, who's interested to watch it with me later tonight? ;)


banana said...

I'm one of those handsome guys who were sitting there waiting to be served ^^ \:d/

Damn proud of it!!

Abby said...

i watched saw 1, 2 and 3 and half of 4. i couldn't take the gore. it freaked me out, man.