Friday, January 11, 2008

Saving money for lots and lots of travelings!

Hmm. Was feeling down yesterday for no reasons. Seems weird right?

I dyed my hair last night. Seems like the color is not visible at all. Volcano red. It's supposed to be very very VERY red. Volcano ma. Iskh. It's only visible under the bright sun I guess. Anyhow, it's better than the dull black hair. I've been having the same hair style for years. Permed my hair 2 years back and I guess it's time to change my hairstyle? Most girls seem to have hair till shoulder length nowadays. Macam very 'in'. Should I follow the trend as well? If not nice, I will consider a boycut. I've wanted to do that for a long time. Yeah. A BOY CUT. Then, I would be styling my hair everyday, making my hair to be spiky until people might think I am a lesbian? I saw this gal in the company with that kind of hairstyle and I think she looks cool. Just wonder if she's a tomboy or maybe she's into girls. Maybe I will try that in the near future. You never know. LOL. One day, if you ever see me with that kind of hairstyle, I am still a 'straight' girl okay? DOH!

Well, it’s time to start planning for this year! What kind of plans? Don't ask me about marriage plans la. Sick of that question already. I mean traveling plan of course! Made a decision last night and it's gonna cost me again! Mr. BF and I will be going to Spore this March! I went Spore in Nov 2006 and that's before I shifted over to Penang (Gosh. I've been here for a year now?). This time it will be very different. I have 3 close friends there and I can stay with one of them. Can kacau them for a while. Hehe. It's been a while since I last meet them and I am really looking forward to the trip! Wee! I pray I won't spend money on shopping again. Maybe I should start saving now and no more shopping for new year clothes. Actually, I have bought most of my clothes when I was in Phuket. Now, I am only left with a pair of heels. Perhaps a pair of Levi's? MNG? Topshop? Everything should be NEW ma. LOL. Saving money konon.

Robin suggested a trip in March and if it is really on, I will go for that as well. I really enjoyed myself during my trip to KK with them last time. It’s more carefree and fun. Going traveling with a bunch of close friends and with your bf is really a big difference. Not to say I don’t enjoy going with Mr. BF la. LOL. Well, that means I will need to save even more from now onwards! But this trip will be just one week before my Spore trip. LOL. Applying leaves will be a problem I guess. But the most significant problem is how broke I will be after both trips!

As for May, I will be going to Bangkok again! This time, I will be going with my parents. Wanna visit Chatuchak Market again and eat those yummy Thai foods. Shopping too! Hoho! Yeah. Definitely, I have to control my spending and do more OT! Talk a lot about saving money eh?

Raya and Deepavali will be another long holidays. Guys, any ideas where to go? Bali, Sharon? LOL. If Hong Kong, I surely need someone who can read and converse in Chinese. Haha. Definitely China is not in my list.

I have spent a lot last year, mostly on trips. Sigh. For 2007, I went home 4 times. For 2008, I have no idea yet. Going home means I need to spend at least 600 for the air ticket. Sigh. Definitely need to control my budget and save for a nicer trip to somewhere further.

Whoah. I crapped a lot today. Anyways, have an enjoyable weekend, everyone! Argh. I am supposed to be enjoying in KL this weekend! Mr. BF doesn't wanna go in the end! :(

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