Monday, January 14, 2008

What A Surprise...

The colors are visible! YAY!!!! *jumps with joy*


Okay. Enough with the hair. Hihi. I got a surprise today. A very big surprise as I don't expect it at all. Especially from him. My colleague went to Spore for training and he bought me a souvenir! Surprisingly, I am the only one with the souvenir!!! I was so 'kam tung' that I nearly cry. Speechless for a second and I can't help smiling whole day. LOL. Really one of the odd chance that I would be given such a treatment ma. *grin*

Well, I got a new HAMSTER WHEEL. Or should I say, Sooty & Tooty have a new toy! PINK one somemore. Somehow, he remembered me saying that the wheel was broken and he got me a new one. Again, it's very rare to see him so thoughtful! It isn't cheap you know? I know how much the wheel costed as he purposely forgot to take the receipt out from the plastic bag! LOL. I was so happy that I snapped a lot of photos and here are some of them! THANKS a lot MAN!

New Toy.

Tooty trying out her toy.

Tooty playing. Seems like Sooty is not interested at all.

Look! They are staying together again! Hope Sooty won't be bitten by Tooty anymore.

Yay! New toy!

Koko Crunch! My hamsters are very 'ho mia'.


Mr. Colleague: How much hurt could death cause, when being alive is so painful...

Erin: You and your quotes again... *pengsan*

Mr. Colleague: knn... receipt oso post...


Advertisement Break:

This guy is single too!! And he has a good heart. Look is not that important ma... (Must 'kek' him baru shiok one...)


maoi said...

ur hair's red color.... is definitely visible now.. ;))

yeee... the hamster photos so cute... ^^
so xin fun lagi..
got pinky gay wheels....
and got choco crunch to eat... :X

Sharon said...

err is the wheel too small or ur hamster's just getting fat? it looked as if they didn't fit ler :P

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Tooty & Sooty, cool new wheel you hammies have.

~ Girl girl

Eryn said...

Getting fat. The thin one is not interested at all. LOL. Good la. Fat one knows she's fat and need some exercise!

Yah. Kinda small. Cuz Tooty is so fat now! Mr. Colleague said that's the pink one he saw. And it has this 'silent' feature which others have.