Friday, February 29, 2008

Awesome Weekend

It's FRIDAY again! Yay. How time flies when you are working instead of studying. I ain't 18 no more. School life was like ages ago? Do I sound old here? Haha. Indeed, ever since I started working, I keep looking forward to FRIDAYS! And I wonder where would I go during the weekend. Exploring new places perhaps? Food hunting? Sometimes, even worse, I rather not step out from the house and rather cook on my own.

This weekend gonna be a bit different. Maybe the coming weekends too. I am going hiking again and this time it's even worse. I need to wake up at 6+ and meet the rest at 7. But if it's raining, I rather accompany my bantal busuk and oink oink. Wakakakka. =P

I haven't been to Pantai Kerachut before and the photo below is grabbed from Sharon's old entry. Hehe. I need to see the place for myself and snap more photos for my collection!!

Breathtaking isn't it? Now the problem is getting up that early and not enough stamina. That's why must practice more! Blek.

Hmmm. We need to move house again and this time it will cost more as we have more things like fringe, washing machine, my bulky mattress, etc. I think I need another bigger bag for my clothes too. Blek! I need your help here (if you are residing in Penang now). Do inform me if you come across any apartment/house rental ads for Bayan Lepas/Bayan Baru/Sg. Ara area. I would be very very grateful. Keeping my finger crossed for a landed house which has clean toilets and a nice kitchen! Then, probably, I would be having a doggy to play with by then! Nyiak nyiak nyiak.

PM me at please?

Have an awesome weekend peeps!

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