Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back from CNY

Hey peeps! I am back from Kch. The weather in Kch is so nice compared to Penang. It's so hot in Penang lah! In Kch, I don't have to switch on my air-cond to sleep at night but in Penang, it's the other way round. I miss my papa and mama too. ONE WEEK is definitely too short for me. Nvm. I'll be seeing them again soon.

Today is my 'first' day back at work and I feel restless. Sigh. I snapped a lot of pics during CNY and here are some of them. Photos of cute doggies! Argh. How I wish I have one right now.

Introducing Jelly, the sausage dog/dachshund.

Here's another doggy. Her name is Baby, I think. I think her saliva was all over me that day! Haha. Is she a Maltese? No idea. But she's cute! I managed to snap few pics of her dozing off! Si beh funny la.... See for yourself. She finally 'rela' to oi oi when we took off her clothes/stripped her naked and gave her the soft toy she loves.

Cute or not? I had a lot of fun playing with her and she reminded me of another doggy, Bao Bei. Here's a glimpse of her.

Last doggy to show you guys is Trixie, Melv's doggy and she is HUGE!

She barked at me every time I went to Melv's house but that day, she finally let me stroke her golden fur. Scary at first cause last year, I tried feeding her and she wanna bite me back. But I guess she finally recognize me and let me feed & sayang her. Hehe.

Speaking of doggies, popi Shin's doggy, Leo recovers soon.

And also, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, everyone!!!

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PoiPoi said...

wah cute! hehe happy vday to you too.