Monday, February 25, 2008

Botanical Garden

Saturday was a working day and I should be sleeping kao kao on Sunday. Instead, I went hiking @ Botanical Garden.

I woke up at 7 and got to taste the famous Hokkien Mee at Pulau Tikus before 8. I was told in order to eat their Hokkien Mee, we have to go before 10 am. Can you imagine how 'hot' it is?

Traffic was not that good on our way there. We saw this and Mr. BF asked me to snap it down. Wakakaka... What a way to do the voting campaign eh? =P

When we reached the destination, there was a big crowd and I realized that most of them were volunteers for the Tesco's Walk for Life Charity Walk. Jocelyn forwarded a mail earlier asking if I would be interested to participate in the walk but I said I was lazy. But in the end, I managed to wake up early and tortured myself for for this long hike eh? Maybe my mood was really good that day. Lawak.

This sign is funny. No feeding to the monkeys.

There was like ten of us and we were supposed to start at 8. But not everyone was punctual so we ended up starting at 8.30. Hehe. And guess what. It was the most tiring hike I ever tried so far. We were like climbing UP non stop for nearly an hour. Gosh. This is really torturing. Mr. BF was like fast and steady. Macam totally no feel at all. I think he did not pant as much as we did! Where did he get all his stamina from? I really have zero idea judging that he only goes for futsal every Tuesdays while I go for aerobics on every Wednesdays and Yoga on Fridays. Sobs.

Flights and flights of stairs to climb.

Snapping photos while trying to catch some breath.


More stairs to go... ARGH...

I wanna give up but I don't wanna end up being alone here, waiting for the rest. Giving up is like really 'no facey jor'. Haha.

My perseverance finally got me here... Our final destination was the 84 Hill stop where we can find free coffee and tea with ginger...

Me and Mr. BF.

The rest of the group were talking and planning where to go hiking next... These bunch of ppl (except me) are going to hike Mount KK in May. Nah. I don't wanna torture myself for this after knowing that they need to hike from 6 am till the evening? So I do not regret not joining this KK trip. I know my stamina ma. =( But I am going to miss the chance of trying out WATER RAFTING! Mr. BF gonna try that without me first. And that sucks!!! =(

And we sat down and enjoyed the view of monkeys...

And a doggy out of nowhere...

After having enough rest, we started our journey back and it felt so long way down too. See? Mr. BF didn't wait for me...

The trails down...

And finally! Tar road ahead! Yippie! The hike took us 2 and a half hour. What a relief to reach the bottom!

A weird tree I found and decided to snap some photos of it. It's called the Cannon Ball Tree.

Nice right?

And off we went to have some refreshing fruit juice. The red glass was a mixture of beet root, pineapple and apple while the beige one was a mixture of honey dew and pineapple. 8 bucks altogether!

Lunch was at Song River and we had some of the odd dishes that we never tasted before.


The Plain Bak Kut Teh. The soup was crystal clear.

Some prawn rolls which tasted so GOOD!

This dish costed 50++. Special isn't it? Fish with Bee Hoon.

Yummy long beans.

And their popular dish - Guinness Stout Chicken which tasted really good too.

Took a long nap and I decided to cook me and Mr. BF dinner. Hehe. Here's what we had for dinner. I am so hardworking right?

Mixed vegetables.

Annie. The brown color thingy is called Hu Pio lo. Eh cai boi?

Spare ribs. Mum taught me to boil them first so that I can get rid of the fat and also to make the ribs tender!

Marinating... some ocipala mixture of chili sauce, tomato sauce, hoi sin sauce, pepper, salt, sugar, sesame oil and lastly Chinese wine.

The end result:

And some baked beans with eggies..

And finally The Dessert Of The Day: Barley with Fu Chuk.

So, how was your weekend? Hope it was as great and healthy as mine.


Sharon said...

can't see the pics but from the words and all, omg you're so si lai! :P time to get married dear...

Eryn said...

Where got si lai. Cooking is my interest ma. That doesn't mean I have to get married in order to practice my interest.

zzz. Some ppl who got married also cannot cook/don't cook at all.

Sharon said...

haha i think zillionsssss of women who got married nowadays cannot cook at all, quite a common thing these days though it's never too late to learn to cook

Annie said...

Yes... a very hardworking wife you are... :P

The dessert, I read it at a glance and what i saw is Barly F*** haha

maoi said...

sleep.. lab... sleep.......

banana said...

After getting married, someone in the family has to cook, eventually. You can't spend the rest of your life dining outside.

PoiPoi said...

oh.. finally i see him. :P

eer.. need to take tat long to hike boh aunty.. ahaha :P

Eryn said...

wah lao aunty!

yeah, took that long cuz need to wait for others ma.

that day at Monkey Beach, we also had to wait for one uncle who slowed us down by taking photos non stop bah.

what to do.