Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Canon Ambassador

Canon. Delighting You Always. Oh My. We looked so natural in the pic! Though sweaty and without any makeups, I simply love them! Tarak camwhore this time oh... LOL...

More pics here. Another slower site but with more pics, try clicking here. :)

Argh. I wanna pang kang so badly!!!!!!!!!

On the happier note, I managed to contact some of my ex-classmates (we only meet once a year or it's like we never meet before since FORM 5!!) so that we can meet up for CNY! At least CNY won't be bored for me this year. Sigh. I used to love CNY but ever since my grandma passed away, I just lost the touch. CNY will only make me miss her more. Her last ang pow to me is still being kept nicely in my wardrobe. >_<

ONE MORE HOUR TO GO! *scream*. This is nuts. Tomorrow it will be even crazier as I will be transiting in KL. Luckily I am not alone! >_<

1 comment:

Jocelyn said...

Luckily you'll be transiting in KL with me ya? :P

Sien when think of the hours to kill while carrying my superly heavy and big laptop...