Friday, February 22, 2008

Chinese Valentine

How was your Chap Goh Meh? I supposed what is most interesting on this day is the orange throwing event by the sea. Ladies would throw rotten oranges and pray that they can marry a good hubby. Like Chinese saying, "Tim Kam, Chuah Ho Ang". What about guys? They have to throw drums! LOL. "Tim Lor Koh, Chuah Ho Boh". Got such thing one eh? Lawak. I also wanna throw lots and lots of oranges and pray that Mr. BF will be a potential good hubby. BLEK!

Anyways, no visit to Kek Lok Si this year (or last year). We went there 2 years ago and from the photos I saw, there's no changes I guess. But from Poi Poi's photo, it's kinda funny lor. Kuan Yin is trapped! She can't escape and have to grant every girls' wish to get a good hubby liao.

Here's a self made card for Mr. BF on V-DAY. A piggy of course. I had to cut the nostrils, the nose, the eyes, the ears, yadda yadda one by one and stick them all together. Put lots of effort in a little card like this one lei. Cute lei.

For Chap Goh Meh, I cooked us a special dinner. It's a Chinese Valentine after all mah. Lawak.

Love-shaped Carrots! *blush*

Chicken in preparation.

Broccoli and French Beans.

Output after an hour...

Tempting mah? Wahahaha...

Around 12, we got hungry and drove all the way to town for supper! Came back around 1 am and KO-ed straight.

So, how did you spend your Chap Goh Meh?

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