Monday, February 04, 2008


I woke up at 6.50 today! Surprisingly eh? Normally I wake up between 7.20 to 7.50 but today it is a little bit special. Some hogs/snobs/fish have been occupying the parking lots lately and that's why I had to wake up super duper early today. Poor Melv had to park his car by the road side for THREE consecutive days liao. The helpful him didn't grumble at all, so I'll just grumble on behalf of him.

Anyways, when I reached the office, I met a friend at the carpark. I didn't managed to greet her but then, I noticed that she had her front lights on. So, being the helpful me (DOH), I rang her up and told her. This reminded me of Wyenn who happened to have this kind of incident. Not only once but TWICE? But there's this leng zai TS to the rescue. Haha. Hopefully, I won't be so 'tai tao har' like them.

Mostly, the first thing I do when I reach the office is to check out the list of blogs in my bookmark and also Cute Overload. Got a slap in the face when I read Sharon's blog. Sigh. Since you said my mails are boring, DON'T REPLY ME LA. You don't have to blog out and 'chai me' like that. Grrr. Suak. Don't wanna mail chat with you liao! Hng!

Anyways, I still have to come to work today. Pretty sad isn't it? A lot of people are at home now, helping their parents to do last minute spring cleaning, bake cookies, cakes and so on. The unfilial me always choose to go back on the EVE. Haha. Hopefully, my flight won't be delayed AT ALL!

Here are what I am craving for back in Kuching ...

Kueh Chap.


White Lady!

Belacan Bee Hoon.

Salty Char Kueh.

Sweet Char Kueh.

That day, I brought this much BACK to Penang! YEAP. They are the famous KOLOK MEE from Kuching. Hou sam mou hou pou one. In the end, people said I wrote her BORED emails. Sobs. I had to queue up for 30 minutes to buy them and I had to make sure they are cool enough for me to pack them into my luggage bag. Sigh. Sam tung.

We got Mee Pok, Mee Tiao, Kiu (Curly) Mee here. The yellow ones are the normal KOLOK Mee while the orange ones are with the Char Siew Sauce. Purposely bought them separately but sigh. That someone went and mixed all together before eating! Sotong huh?

Oh no. I just recalled that I still have to rely on her to take care of my BORED hammies. Sobs. Yeah. I am still not over about the BORED EMAILS. Sobs sobs.

Anyways, can't wait to pang kang now. Time to pack and LEAVE this sad place. BLEK.

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jocelyn said...

Next time ta pao some for me hey..!!

Yes, let's go makan the laksa when we're back... that's about the only thing that I will want to eat.. the rest.. hmm... maybe.. will think about it first ^_^