Friday, February 01, 2008

Hammies Blogging

Lame post ahead... =P

SOOTY: Hey! Waccha doing? Camwhore again? *roll eyes*

SOOTY: My Bad. See how bad our cage bar is now. Me... I mean we I don't wanna live with Tooty no more... want a new home!!! =(

SOOTY: Ignore her bah. Camwhore with me ENOUGH! She's sleeping upside down again. Macam very shiok eh? Perhaps I will try that pose too. Hi! Hi!

SOOTY: Eh. I am not ready yet. Donno how to say '1 2 3 cheese' meh? *bish*

SOOTY: Look at my poor ear. The 'donno simik thing' is coming back to infect me again. Don't apply that ointment on me la. =(

SOOTY: Here's a better view of me. *blush*

SOOTY: Enough boi? I wanna oink oink liao la. *yawn*. Go kacau Tooty liao la.

TOOTY: *Squeakkk*. Who call me?

TOOTY: Oik. Me not ready yet. Don't simply snap la. Must be professional one ok?

TOOTY: Okay. Now. GO GO. I am imagining myself at the beach, sunbathing with leng zai hammies... Shoo! Sooty! Go away! I know you are slimmer! *kicks Sooty*

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