Saturday, February 02, 2008

New Pet: Jelly

YAY! I got a new pet! It's a guinea pig! His name is Jelly. Surname is Bean. Cool isn't it? Jelly Bean.

Presenting to you, Mr. Jelly.

Lawak. I was just kidding. Jelly doesn't belong to me. Sobs. He belongs to my friend, Jocelyn! But who knows I might own a guinea pig in the future right?

*sayang Jelly*

And Jocelyn... Sorry for declaring him to the world that he's the descendant of Mr. Bean. I'm trying to make my readers think that I am funny. Am I trying too hard to make you guys laugh? Even with my lame attempt of my hammies replacing me to blog. LOL.

Enough crap. More pics of Jelly to present to you. Tada!

Isn't she he big? Mind me. I keep thinking he's a SHE. Don't know why. Hehe. Playing with Jelly made me miss my Sooty and Tooty nia. So... I went home and tortured played with them. Locked them up in their roller ball and made them run around in the house. Well, to be specific, I only make Tooty to exercise more compared to Sooty. She's getting really FAT! Mou ngan tai. And of course, I adore Sooty more. Berat sebelah one. Yeah. LOL.

I was surfing on stuffs about hammies the other day and I came across this website on how to determine the sex of your hammies.

Pic obtained from

I tried to snap the below pic for you guys to see but I doubt you can see anything. Haha. Well, I haven't really go and study them that carefully. Don't wanna make Sooty and Tooty paiseh ma. Wakakkaak...

See how lazy she is? She can just lie around in the roller ball. But of cos, from the pic, she can't run away from me cuz I forced her to stay still and camwhore! But seriously, she can fall asleep (BY SLEEPING UPSIDE DOWN) in the roller ball. *faint*


Jocelyn said...

OooooHhh... Aaaahhhh... my lovely beautiful Jelly... What can I say?? Jelly is sooo cute and adorable... and Erin's picture didn't really do him justice as he's a bit reluctant to pose for her... maybe can do a 2nd round of shooting next time =P

jocelyn said...

Aiya... I can't believe that hammie is such a lazy bum... she's soooo fat... really mou gan tai already... hehehe..