Thursday, February 28, 2008

Poems Of The Day

This entry is meant for future reference so that we can read back and laugh at the poems that we have written for our team building/relationship buidling/mail exchange program today. We as in Lilian, Annie and I. Well, we wrote at least 20 I think and I really lost count. Haha. What kind of poems? Should I say pathetic poems? Funny poems? Lawak bodoh poems? Some don't even rhyme at ALL!!! Blekkkkkkkkk!!! This entry is strictly a JOKE!

I suggest you better don't read them as they are really silly (but funny to us lah of course!) =P

It all started with an email from Lilian, saying that she is bubbly down, sad and disappointed (and I forgot to ask her why) at work. Any poems to light her day up she said...

Annie replied:
Roses is red,
Violets is blue,
Chewing gum is disgusting,
But I still loves chewing gum…

And then I had this weird and 'oh so funny' poem.
Bangun pagi.
Gosok gigi.
Mandi kerbau.
Pergi kerja.

Tiba opis,
Ajak ke sarapan,
Minum kopi,
Makan roti.

Ingin tengok leng zai tapi tarak,
Tengah mimpi,
Boss panggil,
Aku tak dengar.

Pergi tandas,
Curi tulang,
Berak kencing,
Apa pun boleh.

Tiba masa makan,
Terus sedar,
Minum kopi lagi,
Ala bagus sekali jika ada babi untuk makanan tengahari.

Balik opis,
tengok jam,
pukul 4 cepat datang,
tibanya masa untuk HI TEA.

Lepas Tea,
Terus Jadi High dah,
Beginilah rupanya,
High tea itu namanya.

Tibanya masa kerja,
Type berapa line kod,
Debug berapa kali,
Tengok masa lagi.

Oh tiba pukul 5,
Mail chat kawan kawan sekalian,
Beginilah rupanya kerja.

Tiba rumah shiok sekali,
Makan malam mandi kerbau lagi,
Hidu selimut dan bantal busuk,
Terus masuk jampi dan tidur macam babi.

P/S: Adoi! What is bed called in malay??? zzzzzzzzzzz

Crazy or not? Then Lilian replied us with another poem and it went on non stop!

I'm feeling really down
No more gleefulness of a clown
But there are 2 gals in town
That makes me laugh to the ground!

There was once a girl,
Who loves to eat chocolates,
But being the weird girl she is,
She hates chocolate drinks…

Hehe.. doesn’t rhyme at all…

Sushi sashimi wasabi,
Make sure you don’t feed them to your baby,
Sleepness night makes Lilian a zombie,
Tam ciak Annie turns her into a BABI!!

Is it Lilian I see with a pink wig,
What I can confirm is Annie is 100% a geek,
Annie is also known as a pig,
Leng zai and caring hubby is all we plan to seek.

Annie: Why associate me with pig when you’re the one collecting pigs… -________-

Study study study,
For quizzes tests and exams,

Passing with flying colours we may,
But we might forget all we’ve studied after that…

Erin: Okay. My turn!
My fat hamster Is Tooty,
My thin hamster is Sooty,
My friend's beagle is Lotti,
They all like to eat roti.

Lilian: Lolz.. crazy everyone.. berpuisi...
Oh budak-budak pada hari ini
Berjawap dengan puisi
Bergembira lah sepenuh hati
Bersama Erin, Lilian dan Annie

Orang zaman purba guna burung merpati,
Orang generasi 80 guna telefon
Orang generasi hari ini guna email
orang masa hadapan guna apa?


Evolution is an ongoing phenomenon,
Theory that from apes to humans we become,
Well my brilliant theory of evolution is,
Humans with super power we will become,
Just like the famous TV series Heroes.

I wish to orb,
Orb here and there,
Back to the past so that I am forever 18,
Orb next to Annie and give her a peck,
Orb to Lilian and smack her right on the butt,
Then orb all of us to have a little lunch in Italy,
No money to pay and I will orb to rob the bank,
Before that I will orb to a dressing room to choose my proper attire,
Wicked Erin I shall be,
For you all to see,
No rental fees and moving house I will care,
For I will orb back to Kuching to sleep in my cosey room!
Mumi food here I come.

I wish I have the power to make people listen to me.
“Make Love Not War” I’ll preach,
To everyone in the world,
So there’ll be peace and harmony in the world,
“Giving Is Caring” I’ll preach next,
So that the rich will give to the poor,
Then the’ll be no more poverty in the world.
But wishing alone won’t make things happen,
Cause if wishes were horses,
Then beggars could ride,
So I guess I’ll start by doing what I can step by step.

Nothing could be better
Than to drink up the bitter
Have you ever wonder
How a mind works colours
Judge not one's weakness
It might turn out to be some goodness
That's the beauty
To think positively

Bismillah wasalam,
Begini rupanya kita bersalam,
Isyallah malam ini hujan,
Agar kita boleh tidur dengan kaki berkangkang

Kaki terkangkang oh kaki terkangkang,
Mengingatkan saya kepada satu kepercayaan karut,
Dengan memberi suami makan nasi kangkang,
Maka segala kata isteri akan suami turut...

Iingling here, jingling there
Oh Erin and Annie are u there?
This boredom i couldn't bear
All the books n papers i tear

Waiting for replies
Hoping time to flies
No matter how hard one tries
Still am living in lies

Am still waiting
Are u gals having ur head cracking?
To have poems so interesting
To laugh our heads off all evening...

Jingling here, jingling there,
That's how Lilian's poems starts,
The first thing that crosses my oh so pure mind,
Is none other than jingling breasts...

HAMSAP Annie is the one,
Whose mind is dirtied with porn,
Dildo as wedding gift should be done,
Or else we shall be ripped to bones.

Oh woe be me being labelled HAMSAP,
By the HAMSAP Queen herself,
For how else one learned the word 'dildo', If not from watching porn?
Unlike me having to use,
Uncle Google's help to look up the word.

It's for fun the poems we write,
Smoothly flowing out the words,
If care too much for it to rhyme,
Then gone is the fun in writing.

This addiction i couldn't stop
With words in my head till i couldn't cope
Oh please tie me with a rope
And now now, who is at fault??

Whole day was spent to talk cock,
Non stop we joke and mock,
Somehow we feel that we rock,
Splitting out words that make each other shock.
*picturing Annie jiggling her boobs*

Oh thank you for being so kind,
For imagining me jingling my boobs,
For in truth it's impossible,
For me to jingle my lack of boobs.

Talk cock once in a blue moon is good,
To release stress and refresh our minds,
But bear in mind to not act like a cock,
For crowing like a rooster is fond by none.

Amen to that I must say madam,
For your insight reflects what I thought, But don't you think we have crossed the line?
Of sanity into insanity with these poem writing.

Am starting to compiling,
Head is cracking,
Fingers are typing,
But mind is still on Annie's boobs jingling.

Oh we are so playful,
Just to make our Lilian cheerful,
But we have to be careful,
As our words might be harmful.

Flattered though I am by your imagination,
But do stop your perverted thoughts,
For I can't stop looking at my boobs,
For fear that they responded to your imaginations.

Away I am laughing
It's about cock we are talking
About a friend i'll be telling
Who once told me something
He said "if cock can talk, then pussy can sing"
And i replied in a voice of singing
"If pussy can sing, then ass will be laughing"...

Talking cock, singing pussy and laughing ass,
A very funny scenario indeed,
Imagine the confusion these may cause,
For hearing voices from down below.

Tap tap is how your feet walk
Tick tack is how your keyboard sound
Wee wee is how you pee
Ketum ketum is how you shit

Are you sure it's not bombs you're dropping off,
Cause that is not how it sounds like when I'm investing,
Is it because I'm a lady,
Or because I camouflage it with rock music.

Lilian Lilian where are you,
We need you we miss you,
Come back our little baby,
Bend our knees and plead shall we be.

Lilian Lilian our sweetie pie,
Picturing her with her hair tie,
Oh lord hear us cry,
Cause we want Lilian to come back and pry!

Itu Lillian saya rasa,
Sudah pangkang balik rumah,
Sampai dia dirumah nanti,
Boleh tidur puas-puas.

Erin my sweetie

Honey my Annie
i'm here doing OT
talking to a cup of tea

but miserable no more
it's time for me to go
i'll see you gals tomorrow
dont miss me oh...

Hup hup hurray
It's time to go home and play
With all the crazy poems of the day
sours all gone away...

LOL. Well, we spent the whole day exchanging emails since that's the only free communication method that we can use. Opps. I shouldn't be telling this out to the whole world but what the heck. We really need something to keep us going till the evening, right babes? Motivation! Lots and lots of them! Yeah! Muaxxx. Miss ya, gals!

P/S: I really wonder if there's any human reading this WHOLE entry. For those who are reading this line, DID YOU REALLY FINISH READING ALL OUR SO CALLED POEMS? Or you are just scrolling down MAX TO THE BOTTOM??? Kindly leave your mark behind by commenting this 'beh' entry! Please!!

*begging on my knees*

*show pitiful face*



PoiPoi said...

sad to say yes i read every line and every word of it.

it is hilarious, a must read wei. haha.. i love this part:
He said "if cock can talk, then pussy can sing"
And i replied in a voice of singing
"If pussy can sing, then ass will be laughing"...

Eryn said...

LOL. Thank you for reading. Wakakakkaa...

So far, only 1 person (YOU!!!) read all nia. =(

wyenn said...

sorry but i scrolled down.. too many ady @-)