Friday, February 01, 2008

Trial & Error

Ki siao again. I've been cooking dinner since Monday. Yeah. MONDAY! Very auntie right?

Presenting my trials and errors:

Monday: Herbal Chicken --> Satisfactory
Tuesday: Char Mee Suah --> Satisfactory
Wednesday: Kung Pow Chicken --> More like Spicy Chicken
Thursday: Kung Pow Chicken again! --> Looked more like Kung Pow. LOL.
Friday: Dinner at QueensBay! Friday wo. Why still wanna cook? =P

Wanna have a peep?

First Attempt: My so-called Kung Pow Chicken.

A better view of my so-called Kung Pow Chicken.

Second Attempt: Looked more like Kung Pow right? =P

Who can teach me how to cook a delicious KUNG POW!!!!!!!! Someone? =(


Anyways, have a enjoyable weekend! It's gonna be a weekend for lots and lots of shoppings for you guys (and me) I bet. Popi I can buy a pair of Levi's I want.

Pressie from Fishy - Pig's HP strap (xie xie)

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