Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two Zero Zero Eight's CNY

We reached Kch at around 3 p.m. Mum was saying why I came back so late. It was on the CNY eve itself. Sigh. Upon entering the house, I saw a big bowl of Char Mee Suah waiting for me. Haha. My fave of all times. After filling up my tummy, I helped my parents around the house and waited for Uncle & family to come for a reunion dinner. This year, there were only 8 of us. Sigh. My youngest uncle and grandpa were in Aussie celebrating CNY and hopefully, we can visit them really soon!

Roasted Duck. Duck ain't my fave.

Chap Chai.

Mutton Curry. This is superb! Would want to try this recipe one day. =D

Ngoh Hiang.

Fried Prawns. Mum's cooking is always the best!

Tu Kar (Pig's Leg). But in Penang, they call Tu Chiew. Pig's Hand. Why ar?

Nah. We couldn't finish all. There's Tu Tor soup too. Yummy.

After makan, we swept and mopped the floor for the last time before the big day. Hehe. When the clock strike 12, voila! You can hear firecrackers and see fireworks everywhere. It's really grand until the whole surrounding was blurry! See it yourself.

Dad joined in the crowd too. But this year, the firecracker he bought wasn't as loud as last year's. See the cloud behind our house? It's RED! No editing of the pic woh.

Okay. Enough crap. Lazy to talk so much now. Let the photos do the talkings for me. =D

My little cousin who ain't little no more. She's in Primary 4/5 now?

Camwhore. A bit shaky though. =(

Fion, Shin and Me.

Me and Fion. She was the one who recently got married. Lately, there are a lot of marriage proposals eh? One from Jane and another from SHARON! Haha. Chi mui gang.. Here I COME!
I mean to be chi mui la. =P

On the 4th day, I arranged a gathering for 9 people. These 9 people are my Form 5 mates who I always hang out with last time. Well, only 6 people showed up but what the heck...

Camwhoring photos ahead!

Natural beauties. Need a pro photographer also okay?

Boi tahan these 2. Wanna flirt also dont flirt @ my house ma...

A more sensible pic with this gal. I've known her since Primary 1. Long eh?

Group pic.

Another one.

Me and Lilian. She's beautiful hor?

Damn lansi. Surrounded by gals.

Us with another old friend (and GF) whom we've known since Primary 1.

Another non related pic to show Maoi what colorful balls are... My mum's new recipe.
HO CIAK till I don't wanna bring them to the office to share with my colleagues! >:)

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