Monday, February 04, 2008

Yet Another Bus Crash

I was going through TheStar online and I came across an online petition for the late Nian Ning. The deceased was sadly involved in a BUS accident which had caused her life. Gosh. How many past tragedies involving buses have occurred over the years? Now festive season is around the corner again. Iskh.

I used to travel a lot using buses and whenever I reach my destination, I would thank God for keeping me safe from harm. I think my worst bus experience would be the to and fro ride from Penang to Terengganu and I am really glad that I survived that particular 9 hours ride. That driver was simply out of his mind by speeding in the dark! Yah. The highway to Terengganu is really spooky and dark. :S

I really wonder if these reckless bus drivers have no consciences at all? Are they really out of their mind? Dunno how to obey the law ar? Gosh. You know how many lives are there in your hands? Every ride, there are like at least 30 people. How can they still be driving after having so many summonses? Don't the bus companies check on their employees from time to time? Are you guys really that busy or do not bother at all? How can you let them drive freely on the road? I really don't understand.

This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred. I think a lot of people have been complaining and still, this type of incident can still occur.

Well, if you are a blogger, you could write a post on this topic and bring awareness to the people around you. Even if you are not, you could help to sign this petition too right? It only takes a few minutes to enter your name and click on the SUBMIT button. You can help to make a difference. Which I hope is true!!

Express your concern on bus safe HERE now, peeps!

Do something now even if you are not a public transport user! Tell the bus companies we have enough!

P/S: This entry has nothing to do with my previous entry. :)

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