Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yuckie Insect

Found this kind of insect twice in my bathroom. Looks really weird to me as I've never seen this before. Can anyone tell me what this is? Can bite one ma? Look like a fish to me. YUCK!

Yuckie Insect with Tentacles?

Another closer look. Ewww.


jocelyn said...

Yucks yucks yucks and more yucks... Get some insect spray and some mosquito netting and make sure you always close all your doors especially at evening time... yiakssss... I hate insects!! >_<

wyenn said...

lol, it really looks like a fish to me. so yucks!

maoi said...

he/she lives inside the books ;)

He/she looks like fish...
and silver in color...
that's why they name him/she..
Silver Fish~~

more info here :

p/s : dont worry... they dont bite ;)