Monday, March 24, 2008

Fast and Tiring Weekend

We (me and Sharon) were really busy during the weekend. Ee Von came and I really had fun! So far, my weekends here aren't as 'happening' as last weekend I supposed. Haha. The last time we saw her was in June 07 and we really wonder when we will meet again. Perhaps Jane's wedding? Since she is no longer in KL, it will be harder to go for our yearly shopping trip anymore. Shopping in Spore maybe? Sharon? =P

We went to Genting Kopitiam for their famous Chee Cheong Fun (CCF) with peanut paste. I don't really fancy Penang CCF that much but this is recommended. Hehe. Still, I think Hong Kong CCF taste nicer. Esp those with prawns and char siew.

Stopped by this famous Apong stall near yadda yadda road. I don't know the street names here so paiseh ya? Haha. Chloe's sister once told me that the apong here really taste good. There are actually 2 stalls there but you can simply tell which one is good with the number of customers patiently waiting.

The uncle selling the apong is 61 this year and he has been selling apong for 40 years! Yet, you can see him happily smiling all the way and chit chat with his customers. Can speak English too! Sharon will describe more about what actually happened here I guess. How Ee Von decided to shoo uncle away and and sell apong in Penang!!! ^_^

And he proudly showed us this! He was on the paper! Keke...

After that, we decided to chill out at a place (I don't know again) and had our chi mui talk! And of course many cam whore sessions!

Next was the cendol at Penang Road.

Karaoke session is always one of the definite item in our itinerary. I think the gals sang too much that their voices are a bit hoarse liao. Except for me. I was sleepy. Shouldn't game till 5 in the morning on Friday. Sobs.

Sharon's recommendation of curry mee at Chulia Street.

Then again, clubbing session is a must. Again, I was the driver but this time, clubbing was fun! Why? Because we got an ang mo friend who is a good drinker plus entertainer! He's cute too! =P

Again, I came back with rashes. Such a NOOB huh? How can I ever overcome this??? But this time, I didn't vomit lor. Haha. My best record ever with the gals. =P

P/S: Sharon just posted her ERIN WENT CLUBBING entry here. LOL! YEAP! Iskh. Super lengthy compared to mine. Huhu. =(


[vonee] said...

We always have fun fun fun when the 3 of us get together dont we? Thanks girls for everything!!! Damn damn damn missssssssssss u guyssssssss...huggs huggsss..

But how come your pics is like the one from sharon's post?

Sharon, where the picto u gonna see us?

Eryn said...

I posted this entry earlier than Sharon wo. Proves that we both have the same taste. LOL.