Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fishy Fishy

Last Saturday, 5 cars drove all the way from Penang to Kulim for a makan trip. For those who don't know, Kulim is located in Kedah and it took around 45 minutes (or more) to reach via the short expressway.

Four cars were leading in front and we just followed, not knowing the exact route so don't expect me to bring you there next time! LOL. But Mr. BF managed to locate the place in his GPS. On our way, I kept thinking. What is so special about this place that managed to attract all of them to drive this far. Never try never know. =P

The road is so narrow and only allows one car to drive through.

The 'restaurant' is located in a small village and we had to pass the bumpy non tar road. Finally, we have arrived! But huh? Palm oil trees?

We had to walk further in a bit. And voila! The isolated Fish Pond Restaurant aka Restoran Kolam Ikan.

You can call them and make reservations I supposed? But I think one might need the phone # to call just in case they get lost on the way. The little sign says Beware Of Doggies! WOOF!! ^___^

The makan place. =P

I decided to walk around and snapped photos while some placed the orders first. =P

There's a little bridge which leads us to the fish ponds and I see the 'fierce' doggies! ^____^

WOOF! Why aren't you barking at me?

They must be very bored.

Here's a cuter one.

There are a lot of fish ponds and the view is magnificent! Very green for the eyes. Haha.

Below is a photo showing my lousy Bokeh effect. DSLR! When can I afford to buy you? Mr. Colleague said it's ONLY 1.8k NIA and I can surely afford one. You haven't include the pro and expensive lens lei. Iskh. -____-

Can't really see the fish and we had to walk further in a bit to catch a glimpse of the fish! And guess what... We saw variety species of the fishes!!!!! And some of them will end up in our tummy. =P

Finally, we retreated back to our seats and waited patiently for our food. The guy who recommended this place said the boss is quite cocky and you cannot ask much about what they have. You just have to agree with what they recommend. And if the chef is in a good mood, you will get to order one of their specialty: Fish Fillets with Ginger and Spring Onions.

Fish Fillets with Ginger and Spring Onions

Triple Flavored Fish

Ikan Maung Steamed with Tom Yam Paste

Sultan Fish Steeped in Oil (Why do they call it Sultan Fish? Only for kings?)

We basically ordered what they have on the notice board! Urm. This restaurant was featured in one of the TV Programme in Astro earlier.

We can't finish all. What a waste.

Take note that there were a lot of flies at this place. Gosh. Flies also know how to be picky on food eh? We had to split into two tables as there were a lot of us. Haha. Altogether, it costed us RM300 and each of us spent around RM28 for such a GOOD lunchie! Definitely worth a try! ^__^


Another non related post. Here's Sooty in my pocket. Urm. That's my ugly uniform to wear to work.

The fat Tooty just guai guai let me camwhore. Sweet, isn't she? Haha.


wyenn said...

wah, they rear the fish then cook it in the restaurant :O so fresh arr..

maoi said...

wahh... tooty and sooty goes to work too ? kekekeke....

anyway, i think tooty the fatty too fat to climb out of ur pocket.
so better stay in there and camwhore :p