Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hiking @ Pantai Kerachut

It was 5.45 am but Mr. BF hadn't wake me up. I was half awake (for no reason) at that time and I heard my incoming sms ringtone. It was from Sharon, asking why I didn't give her a wake up call. Haha. She just slept for an hour and yet she managed to wake me up instead. Amazing huh? LOL.

I was praying for Ti Ah Kong to rain that morning but HE wasn't listening. Too bad. No excuse not to wake up and go hiking lo huh? But I was glad that I dragged myself up that early. I managed to snap some good photos! And I finally went to Pantai Kerachut at last (after hearing and reading so much about the place). The photos were all taken using the cabo's digicam as my digicam was running low on battery. Sobs.

To go to Monkey Beach and Pantai Kerachut, we have to go to the same jetty. See for yourselves for the comparisons of photos taken at the same jetty but on different time and day. Keke.

20th January at 9 a.m.

2nd March at 7 a.m.

Nice right? We didn't get to see the sun rising though. I love the 3rd photo a lot. Kekeke.

Apparently, I waited for her to blog so that I can link to her entry again. So here it is!!

The lazy me is signing off. Tata! =X


PoiPoi said...

nice.. i wish i can wake up that early. even my skool time i didnt wake up so early also haha.. :P

The Devil said...

waiseh... ur photos manyak stim wo...

Eryn said...

Poi, it's becoz you're lazy? :P

Devil, LOL. Stim pulak.