Friday, March 14, 2008

I see TWO rainbows

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. My normal routine is like eat, sleep and work over and over again. No new adventures. Nothing interesting to blog about. Sadness. Someone said I have this rat fetish. Darn. I wonder if I should continue posting photos of my hammies. -____-

On our way to dinner last night, we saw THIS.....

Wait a minute. we saw TWO but not ONE rainbows! Cool isn't it? This happened before and I did not managed to snap a photo out of it but this time, HOHOHO! I was so happy I brought my camera with me!

Nice lei? I actually took lots of photos of the two rainbows. =P

Due to my sore throat, I suggested going to Dragon I for dinner and it was like RM90 for 3 persons. Ordered 3 main dishes (mainly MEAT) and 1 set of Xiao Long Bao as one plate of vegetables is like RM18-20?

My favourite Xiao Long Bao of all times! I think I recommended this a few times in my blog liao. Haha. RM 2 for each little baos! Very pricey hor? Tell you what? It will taste even nicer if you add ginger with black vinegar. I will definitely bring my parents to try this out when they are here in May! Hehe.

Ordered dessert. Something 'liang' for my sore throat I supposed and I am well today! Yippie! I don't know what it is called but it comes with sea coconut and water chestnut. RM 8 for this little bowl. I tried making this dessert on my own but failed big time. =(

We had this fried chicken with dried chilies which was very very very spicy. I am a spicy food fan but I just don't dig on this. Didn't taste that great either so never order this!

Honey Spare ribs. Too much flour and I couldn't differentiate between the flour and the fat. I ended up eating the whole piece. =(

We had this cold dish. Small hor? I like the sauce btw.

After dinner, we went to catch this movie! Yea! I've been wanting to watch this movie since CNY! It was shown in Spore during CNY but not here. Hmph! This movie was shot in Malaysia and some of the casts are Msians too! If I am not mistaken, there are 2 DJs acting in this movie too.

老师嫁老大 - AH LONG PTE LTD. It's Jack Neo's 11th movie. Darn. That Mark Lee is so good. Sharon once told me that he was a drug addict before this? -____- I had goosebumps watching him being so so soooooooo SISSY in the movie. And I love Fann Wong! As always. Since secondary school I think?

It's a must watch!!! Another lawak bodoh movie that made me laugh out loud in the cinema!


Last Sunday, I was craving for ramen and when Mr. BF asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner, I replied RAMEN! Haha. So off we went to Pulau Tikus! And it was 9 pm at that time and I really wonder if there's still any left there. I forgot the name of the restaurant but the logo has a big fat cat on it. =P

I ordered some spicy ramen and it was good. Mr. BF wanted something spicy too and he ordered curry ramen. Too bad there's no more curry ramen and the waitress recommended him something else! Guess what? It's TU KAR (pork leg) RAMEN! I was like HUH????? Tu kar??? LOL LOL LOL.

This is so fattening! But Mr. BF is too skinny la.


And here's my new recipe. Wakakakaka. Honey with char siew sauce spare ribs. I think it taste better than the one we had at Dragon I. Oppsss. =P

Till then, TGIF and have a great weekend! ^_^

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