Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mid Of The Week

Wednesday = MOVIE Day. Yippie!

This looks like a movie that I would like to see. Sharon couldn't tag along to the movie tonight so she went to watch the movie yesterday. Including her, there are 3 ppl giving me bad reviews about this movie. I think I rather wait for Mr. BF to download then. Sigh. We will be watching Spiderwick Chronicles then! The movie looks interesting with ogre, elf, goblin techie, etc and the main cast is the cute little boy from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Hehe. My friends told me that it is good. I'll keep my fingers crossed then!

Mr. Colleague sent me some pics (grab more here) which really made me laugh but 'teh diao' at the same time. Iskh. See them yourself. LOL.

Yaya. Whatever.

I got a hamsap colleague. -___-"

I did cut my hair. Luckily no one notice as I really hate my current hairstyle right now.
After cutting my hair, I was like WTF! Total sadness.

Yeah. That's how a xiaodidi thinks of me.

No comment on this one though.


Well, I got an unwanted guest in the house right now. Being a host, a nanny and a driver is not an easy task. LOL. His/her identity will be disclosed next week as this blog will be going on a one week hiatus. Yeah. A week from today. Hopefully by next Wednesday, I would be back to posting with lots of interesting stuffs. ^__^

Sobs. I am a nobody to you.

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