Friday, March 07, 2008

Sick Hammy

Sooty is sick!!!!!!!! >_<

I consulted some vet online before bringing her for inspection again. Sobs. Seems like she needs some professional to handle the infections on her ear. Argh.

Sick Sooty.

Finally, I managed to snap a pic of her infected ear.

She was busy scratching.

See how fat Tooty is.

Nowadays, she cannot get out from her house via the little window no more. LOL.

Tooty wanted me to camwhore with her too!

This is a good one, no?

Tooty in action.

She can't run much as she's really FAT now.

TGIF! Have a splendid weekend, everyone! ^_^


The Devil said...

cute hammies :D those are the dwarfs or the roborovskis?

Eryn said...

Dwarfs :P I din know guys like you also know how to differentiate between the two.