Friday, March 21, 2008

Tambun Again

The last time I went to Bukit Tambun was a year ago and I'm glad that I blogged about it here. Now I can recall what we ordered that day. ^___^

One senior who left the company and came back again was 'forced' to treat us for dinner. He was told to renew his 'membership fees'. LOL. I paid mine when I got my confirmation earlier. Yeah. To join as member, you have to fork out 350 and you only do that ONCE. Welcome to the Technical Dept and this is how we rule!

Dinner was at Gee Seng and I was so hungry that I forgot to snap photos. =P

My boss snapped the following pic for me and asked me to show to Fishy. Seems like everyone think of him every sec. Hmph!

This is how mantis prawn looks like. And IT TASTED GREAT!!!

Nah. That's just about it. Only 3 photos. Haha. I think I will bring my parents there next month (if I remember the way there). Seafood there is cheap and yummy. You just don't wanna miss it. After dinner, I bought 3 packets of jellies back home. We got a really creative jelly maker here. Wanna have a bite at the hot chilli?

Hoho. The stuffings inside are mainly red bean, green bean, etc. And the colors are so bright and pretty that you don't wanna put them into your mouth.

We have 'ang ku kueh' jellies too.

I think that's about it. Gonna meet up with Ee Von who came all the way from Spore during the weekend and perhaps, more photos and camwhoring sessions. Maybe I'll just leave that to Sharon. =P

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