Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tooty has a new name!

I am quite busy these few days as I am having training outside the plant. I am FRUSTRATED because the instructor sucks! It really pissed us off whenever we ask him questions. It's either he is wrong or he has to Google for the answers. WTF. We paid 3200 each to attend your class okay? I even ask if he is a professional in teaching this class. He said he seldom teach and his expertise is in another area which is more to programming. Ok. I shut up and wait. When it is time for him to touch the programming part, he is stuck again! DOH DOH DOH!! We are complaining for sure. -_____-"


It is so hard snapping a nice photos of my hammies without using flash. When I first got them, I dare not to use any flash. I think my other hammy which I had when I was in secondary school died of fright last time. Silly me.

Pictures of Sooty and Tooty ahead...

Poor chap being snapped while eating her carrot. I call her FATTY nowadays.

Looking for your carrot? You are surrounded by sunflower seeds oi...

LOL. I am bullying my hammy.

Sooty's turn to camwhore.

She's not interested in the sunflower seeds I guess.

Since it's raining every now and then, I prepare a blanket for them! Lawak. =P

That's not your food okay???

Looks like Tooty has found her carrot! HAHA!

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