Monday, April 14, 2008

Buffet @ G Hotel

Dinner on last Thursday was fantastic and it's not because of the food. It's because of the people i had dinner with. That's the first time I joined such a 'big' event where 15/16 people from my dept was present. Yeah. My dept is that 'big' but I think our relationship among each other are closer compared to other depts and that's the fun of working here. Well, it was a celebration dinner for those who recently got promoted and got good distinctions. And to celebrate the glory, they had to treat everyone instead. That's how things work here. ^___^

Dinner was at G Cafe and the theme for the night was Seafood and International Buffet. It's my first time there and overall, the food ain't that satisfactory. I think it's around 60 per pax and I would rather spend that much of money elsewhere for dinner. I think I'll give 2/10 points for the food there as the soup was tasteless, the sushi wasn't firmed enough, the food wasn't that tasty and there's not much variety for such a theme.

We had fun chatting whole night and the main activity of that night was snapping photos! Or should I say camwhoring? Apparently, Mr. Colleague brought his newly bought RM 4k++ SLR to show off to everyone. Hmph! I think he barely eat that night as he was busy lansi-ing and teaching the rest on how to use his SLR. And also fearing that we would carelessly drop his bulky precious!!!!

And here are same amazing shots of the food. Behold the power of SLR ...

I love the last photo the best. That's the bokeh effect. Sounds like boh geh (no teeth) right? We took a lot of pics that night, mostly portraits I think. I was posing for one pic and my manager zoomed right into my face and it was fugly. YUCK. Luckily I got no pimples la. LOL. But I ain't gonna show you guys here. I don't have the permission to share them out here ma. Hehe.

Anyways, I'll share one here. It's a pic of my new hairstyle. If you can imagine that ...

I have short hair now! ^_____^
And ... I miss my long hair. @____@

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Ă…nGe|e said...

Ohhh the foods look so tempting! No wonder for the saying: "Feast with your eyes first!" :P

I hope someday you'll post a clear pic of you with your short hair ^^ But now I can at least imagine what your new hairstyle looks like. Hehehe.

Sometimes when I see girls with cute short hairstyles I wanna cut my hair short too! But I know I'll miss my long hair after some time :(