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Cast your vote for MDG now!

Have you chosen your favourite Malaysian Dream Girl (MDG) and voted for them yet? In case you have zero idea about what MDG is, it’s our first online reality model search. Hmm. I think as a voter for MDG, you would want to make sure that she has the mass appeal that will make everyone goes ‘oooh ahhh’ while watching her on the run-way.

#1 Adeline

When I first watched her in the audition, she left me an impression that she’s one of the typical ‘ah lian’ kind of girl. Her lack of fluency in English totally blows me off.

“All the other gals should watch out for me because I can be so cool, I can be so cheerful so I have the personality

What’s cool and cheerful gotta do with that? I really wonder if they were given time to prepare for their speech or not. What bothers me is her crappy Grammar and somehow I think she likes using the word ‘lah’ a lot!! This lah.. That lah…

I like this sweet photo of her. She managed to portray the happy youthful sight of her.

But I think she can practice more on her English as language can be learned but regarding on how the model looks, once you don’t have it, then that’s it. It’s not something you can learn unless you’re born with it. Maybe plastic surgery will do? Hmmm.

Adeline is cute in a way but when she’s posing for photo shoot, it’s like you cannot see any confidence in her at all. I think she’ll be great for those Chinese mags but definitely not in the mainstream of English mags.

#2 Cindy

Cindy. The drama queen. The one without potential. She’s a faker who gets to stay and the one with most potential (Enya) got voted out. Can someone tell me why isn’t Cindy being kicked out yet? I am waiting for that moment to come! Yeah. But without her, I don’t think the whole show would be interesting.

Tell me she looks old in this photo. Definitely not 21! Did she fake her age as well?

Cindy can speak English so well and can even fake an accent but she totally sucks in modeling, be it catwalk or in photo shoot. I can’t find any of nice photos of hers at all. For a degree ‘holdar' in ‘theathar’, she certainly sucks at it. Did she say she love performing since she was a kid? I guess her acting and crying did help a lil' bit in getting people to vote for her, just to get the ‘drama’ going. She’s a cry baby who complains a lot and Episode 10 is really interesting with all the dramas going on! Hehe.

At first, I had reservations on all the spiteful comments about her. After going through her blog, I just can’t imagine myself rolling on the bed with those crotch skimming tops and asked my little brother to help out with the photo takings. That’s totally DISGUSTING. And after watching the way she talked to her dad and how she referred Alison as ‘yin du po’ and some as ‘mai lai po’, I think Cindy should go as she’s more suitable to be behind the scene where you can hear but cannot see her. Just like how she won to be the co-DJ of Red FM for a day.

#3 Fiqa

I love Fiqa!!! It saddens me when I saw her being on the bottom 3 last week. She has this exotic look from her parentage and is very soft spoken. She is great on camera as now she knows how to suck that tummy in! Haha. I think she looks elegant especially in black, don’t you think?

Her photoshoot in Women’ Secret can really capture people’s attentions.

I think she had the best Wella picture! The rest aren't as nice as hers.

Fiqa! I totally support you against Cindy! You are really doing great and I think everyone can see the big transformation that MDG has done for you.

#4 Hanis

Hanis, the mama’s pet. At first Hanis was my favourite but now I don’t like her that much anymore. It must be her braces I think.

Not so nice right? I prefer if she has her mouth closed somehow.

Hanis is the typical Malay girl whereby you can imagine her doing some commercials for some Malay based cosmetic products like Puteri Ayu, Mustika Ratu, etc. And everytime she does the on screen interview, she is always using Malay. Come on la. It’s an online reality show and what if the audience doesn’t understand Malay? -_____-"

#5 Jay

Jay is also one of my favourite. She has a good body structure and she’s perfect to win this! Sadly, she’s always in the bottom 5 and I am wondering why there’s not much supporters out there for her. Maybe it’s because of her rapping in her video? I don’t quite get it. Why she had to promote herself like that. Some more she was wearing an elegant black dress and it really spoil everything after watching such a good introduction about herself and her passions.

Well, she can look sexy when needed. Manly too. I don’t know why people have been criticizing her for having a manly face. Can’t they see that she looked great in the Women’ Secret photoshoot?

Oooh La La ...

The one taken at Precint 2 is also stunning. I think hers is the best among the rest. She managed to portray the manhood as required.

Cool isn’t it?

Jay is the tallest girl in the list and well, for the rest of the girls, how can you be a model when you don’t even have the height? People would start thinking why there’s this short girl doing here, cat walking on the run way.

I got this photo from Facebook and I think it's really nice, don't you think so?

#6 Nadia

Nadia. The one with blue contacts. Why she has to wear colored contact lens? You are trying to be Malaysian Dream Girl okay? Not some ang moh’s dream girl. Be yourself. Be a Malaysian. Malaysians have nice eyes too, don’t we?

She is pretty but in most of her photos, she looks fierce. Pretty cool for a model, don’t you think? When she smiles, she looks really sweet. I give her a 100% for that. She is a straight forward person and she only talks to people she likes and will distance away from the people she dislikes just to avoid chaos. I think we both have the same characteristic. Haha. How can I not like Nadia? And I don’t believe that Nadia would be that rude to scold Cindy’s mum regarding the tomato fight issue. Maybe innocent Cindy (NOT!!!!) was exaggerating and as usual, finger pointing and blaming others.

Did I mention that Nadia has a great body too. No?

#7 Ringo

She has ONE single look which is CUTE. All her pictures look the same to me. If Ringo is a model or runway material model, they would not have eliminated her in the first place right? She’s the most petite one and I think she mentioned a few times during the on screen interview. LOL. She doesn’t have the height too.

Where 's she looking at? If she looked at the camera, I would give two thumbs up!

Sweet and cute Ringo. I like this pic of hers.

No doubt Ringo is gonna stay in the competition for a long time due to the huge followers/fans of her blog. I envy her for keeping her blog updated all this while when she’s away for the competition as it’s really a tough job maintaining a good blog with lots of supporters and loyal readers. ^__^

She said she has sacrificed a lot and one of the reasons she gave was cutting her long black hair? I don’t buy that. Anyways, her introduction in her videos and other interviews are quite entertaining. She stays neutral among the girls and I think she’s pretty smart for not creating any chaos in the house like Cindy. At first all the girls talked a lot about Ringo and her blog right? Now all attentions are on Cindy, the director and actress of the year. LOL.

It is clear that the reason for her to stay this long is due to the big support she got from her ‘fans’ and not because she has the merits for being a successful model.

I find that Valerie and Jean are the most likable character wise. I like Valerie. She knows how to pose and portray through her photos. Too bad Jean is out. Jean, the one with the good body, good photo and good English. I can’t believe she’s the heaviest among all and she doesn’t look that fat to me. That’s the power of make overs! Well, they said Eyna (who looks like Rihanna) has the most potential to go international. I don’t know about that. I just HATE her hair and her quietness. Maybe it’s because she knows she speaks bad English? Hmmm.

Well, I am really looking forward for the finale of this show and wanted Cindy OUT BADLY! These girls know they will be watched by people. They wish to get famous and wanna try out at the runway, modeling designers’ clothes, etc. Well, when you get to become a 'celebrity', you are subjected to criticism or praise, or whatever. So, stop complaining girls! Show us what you got. Give us nice photos and makeovers!

It’s now all up to us, the fellow Malaysians to judge, to vote, and to choose one top model for our FIRST MALAYSIAN DREAM GIRL.

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Annie said...


Jean is the most heavy but don't look it because she's not skinny thin but instead got a toned body i.e lightly muscled. And muscles are heavier than fat. Ah... that's what girls should look like instead of always worry about their weight when it's just some stupid numbers. As long as you looked great so what if you weigh 100kg right.. hahahaha..