Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dinner @ Crappy's Restaurant

You need a nice looking kitchen so that you would have the mood to cook.

Don't you think so? That applies to me I guess. I've been cooking in this lovely kitchen for a year now and sadly to say, it's coming to an end. I will be shifting to another place soon and the kitchen there is way smaller! One good thing about it is that it's totally new with nice built in cabinets. So ... I guess I will continue my quest to conquer the art of cookery. LOL. As if la.

Dinner was around 8 as usual and I started preparing. Last time I need an hour to prepare for the ingredients but I guess I need lesser time now. It's a good progress no?

This is for illustration purpose as I did not cook these last night. =P

I prepared these ...

Honey Spare Ribs.

Fried Kang Kong with Belacan and Shrimps.

Steamed pork with mushrooms, etc.

Corn soup with cucumber and minced meat.

I prepared 4 dishes last night and it's not for the 2 of us. I invited one VIP to join for dinner. ^__^

Can you guess who she is?

No! Don't take pic of me! Shy konon.

Iskh. She wanna appear in my blog liddat. What to do? -____-"

Sotong in action.

LOL. I guess she loved my soup and she said it's better than the one her grandma cooks. Don't know what she thinks about the rest of the dishes though ... Any comments from the lady is welcomed. ^___^


zewt said...

your fren's finger is now a legend.... hah!

Sharon said...

oh fuck! how could you erin! haha it's alright.. the "finger" is my symbol now LOL

Eryn said...

LOL. Dai sei. You yourself know I'm gonna post your pic here ma =P