Thursday, April 24, 2008

The FINAL Three

Sorry for the lack of updates. Blame it on the MDG fever. LOL.

I wanted the TOP THREE to be Adeline, Hanis and Jay. If Fiqa is still in the game, I think I would want her to replace Adeline. As what I've expected, Jay is out of the competition. She catwalked 5 times in MIFA and then ended up being eliminated?!?!?! I voted for her (and Hanis) you know? I guess having me, Sharon and Annie to vote for her ain't enough. Sorry Jay. =(

#1. Cindy, The Faker.

I really (x10000000000000) don't think Cindy deserves to be in Top 3. Although she did look HOT wearing that blue bikini. She's totally has no distinctive features and is not a model material. Tell me. Did you see a soon-to-be super duper famous model in the following 2 pictures?

Without makeup, she is nothing.

Again, is she REALLY 21 years old? I really wonder what voters see in her.

Since Uncle Teh said "I'll make sure you're still in", she managed to stay in the show. It makes me wonder how much her dad has spent voting for his dearest daughter. Daddy dearest made her a 'princess bed' so I guess he'll try his best to make her the first MDG too? Like who wants to vote for Cindy? Her blogs already told us what kind of girl she is. And seems like her blog is not accessible anymore. Invited readers only? Hmm. Poor girl's blog is being criticized like there's no tomorrow. Kasian.

You know what I think? I suggest MDG should let us vote for the LEAST favourite contestant too. The one YOU HATE MOST. At least an online poll or something. Don't you think so? Then, Cindy can go home with a prize. ^__^

#2. Adeline, The Ah Lian.

What WE don’t like about Adeline is just her 'Engrish'. Wrong grammar. Wrong pronunciations. But Annie said her vocab is actually not bad. I think she's putting a lot of effort to improve her English liao. At least she speaks better in front of the camera compared to last time. Well, the most beh tahan part is her frequent usage of the word “ACTUALLY”. Every damn sentence starts with ACTUALLY!!!! @_@

Actually, I prefer my name to be actually Actually.

Actually OVERDOSED! *pengsan*

Sometimes I don't get what she's saying at all. It's like the words coming out from her mouth is English but I can't seem to understand what she's trying to tell the audience? Annie said she's hearing alien language. LOL.

In my previous post, I said that I think she’ll be great for those Chinese mags but definitely not in the mainstream of English mags. The founder of AndrewsModel (a distinct models management and productions company) also said the same thing if I am not mistaken.

Adeline. You have the look, the body and most important, the HEIGHT. But with your kosong expressions in most of your photo shoots, you need to gambatte more. *hugs*.

Sorry. No vote for you either. I'll save my vote for ...

#3. Hanis, The Manis.

I have voted for her previously and I will vote for her again. ^___^

This Puteri Ayu really has the potential compared to the other two. She managed to catwalk two times in MIFA okay??? The rest - ZERO. Other than Jay of course.

I got nothing against her. She's perfect! Except for the braces of course. Hopefully, she will get rid of them soon. Haha. And I was stunned to see this picture of hers! It totally blow me away.

I like her dress. ^__^

I really hope Hanis will win this competition. Adeline is also okay BUT DEFINITELY NOT CINDY la please!

This is what I will do now ...

And this is what I got in return.

What say you? Visit MDG official website for more details if I were you.

Hmmm. After our very first Malaysian Dream Girl, perhaps China might have their own version of their China Dream Girl.

She will participate I guess ...

From this ...

She will become this ...

Can recognize her? It's Fúróng Jiějiě, 芙蓉姐姐!! Just like Cindy after make up. Totally breathless. =P

Nothing is impossible. Even Sharon (that's what she told me!) I can join next year and be a laughing stock to everyone. LOL. I'm just kidding la DOH!!!!! ^___^


She's Jess said...

I am equally disappointed when Jay got eliminated.


wyenn said...

lol, y u end ur post with "fu rong jie jie", so funny! i think adeline's photo shoot not bad ler. but still i prefer hanis. hhaha, too bad i cannot vote :(

Sharon said...

hahaha good take on furong jie jie
yea she looks like cindy in a way LOL

Gotethix said...

What is this big fuss about MDG anyway? I really don't understand.