Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Girls' night out

Moving house sucks. After strenuous workout and stretch during yoga especially. Now my whole body and neck sore. Gosh. I think I am weak. It's like I am starting to tone up my muscles a bit by carrying those heavy stuffs while shifting. Or maybe I am just trying to make myself happy a bit. Haha. Well, we've been shifting, packing and unpacking since Saturday. Yeah. We got that many stuffs. Though I sweat a lot, I got hungry faster too. Sigh. That's bad right?

Annie is here again for business trip and I got to stay with her in her hotel room. B-Suite Hotel is new and I think they just started operating few months back. And it's within walking distance from the place I am staying now. And ... their family suite is spacious! Gosh. I think 5-6 people can cramp into the room. ^_____^

When there's nothing to do in the room, we cam whored of course! And we didn't do anything naughty while sleeping together. And yeap. That's how short my hair is now. I think I will have boy cut next! What say you? =P

She said she looks slimmer in this pic, so I have to use this only. =(

I am thinking of changing a new pair of specs. Which one suits me better?

That's Annie behind me. Not some ghost image.

Annie said I look kiddy with short hair. My colleagues too. Iskh iskh ... @___@


maoi said...

cute hair lei....

a cute seh kia indeed... wakakkakaakaka....

Eryn said...


Not a kid anymore la

Annie said...

se kia pi!!!! hahaha..