Friday, April 18, 2008

Introducing My German 'BF'

I'm running out of ideas about what to blog. I guess this entry will be about my outdated post regarding my so-called German BF. Haha! I'm just joking la DOH!!

His name is Christian. When I was being introduced to him, I find that he has a weird name. Isn't Christian a religion? Haha. 14th December 2007 was his last working day in M'sia. Sobs. I was a bit emo that day I guess. I simply don't know when we'll meet again. Sigh. He's such a nice, funny and friendly guy. I enjoyed looking into his blue eyes while trying not to stare at him. Gosh. I love ang mohs. LOL. Apparently, someone is jealous of him and kept saying that I suck. LOL.

He threw a farewell party for everyone in the department. And we had cheese cakes! Fattening cheese cakes! And I'm loving it!

Marble Cheese, Yogurt Cheese.

Chocolate Indulgence, Mango Delight & Chocolate Cheese.

Marble Cheese.

Mango Delight.

Our fave Yogurt Cheese.

Did I mention we had Ritter Sport chocolates too? Many many thumbs up for this!!!!

We couldn't finish all! Even the chocolates. Gosh. Imagine stuffing yourself with these in just one afternoon!!!!


He invited me out for a farewell dinner after that but with his other colleagues of course! LOL. Hmmm... Seems like I was the only one in my department who he invited!!! I was so proud of it! HAHAHA!

We went to Dragon-I, his favorite makan place of all times.

The cosy environment in Dragon-I. I'm gonna bring my parents there end of this month!

La Mien and Xiao Long Bao.

Oh ya. I've been talking about him but I haven't show you guys any of his pics yet huh? =P

Yeah. He's a naughty monkey sometimes. That's why I got him a little monkey as farewell gift. =P

The group pic ...

I miss my long hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, a pic of us together. ^____^

Luckily, we still got keep in touch with each other through emails. Surprisingly, he called me a few times after he left for Germany and I was so so happy! Yeah. A simple gesture will make me feel happy for the whole day. Come on la. I don't get to have a German friend every now and then ok?

Oh gosh ... I miss this naughty monkey even more after writing this entry ...


Sharon said...

fuyoh, erin perasan sial! hahaha

Ă…ngele said...

Ohhh Christian is cute indeed ^^

I love cheesecake!! Oh and ritter sport is gud! Bought a lot of these when I was in Frankfurt. Why does everything I like to eat so fattening? *sobs*