Friday, April 04, 2008

Singapore - Part 1

Last week, I mentioned about a friend coming over for a business trip right? How I got to be her nanny, tour guide and driver right? She had to deal with a company which is situated right next to my working place AND....

  • Since we have been friends for more than 12/13 years ...

  • Since she never meet Sooty and Tooty before ...

  • Since she needs someone to bring her around for the good food ...

  • Since we seldom hang out together for a VERY long time ...

  • Since we never sleep spend some quality time together ...

So I offered to be her host for her 3D2N stay!!! ^_^

I wanted to bring her to try one of Penang's famous delicacy which is non other than the famous Indian food! Hehe. I tried Passion of Kerala at Gelugor but I got lost on my way there. DARN. That was the second time already. The first attempt was when my parents were here and I wanted to bring them to the same restaurant! My bad. *blush*

In the end, I brought her to try Penang's famous banana leaf rice at Sri Ananda Bahwan located at Tanjung Bungah. Yea. That's very far from where I stay but then again, it's nearer to Gurney Plaza and we went there after our dinner.

Our banana leaf rice is supposed to look like this.

But business was so good till they were lack of banana leaves. We had our 'so called banana leaf' rice shown in the photo below. With a separate basket full of papadam of course. In case you have no idea what papadam is, it's the keropok/cracker thingy on the RHS of the above photo.

The next day, I took her to taste Yong Tofu with Hakka Mee somewhere near Sg. Nibong. Their specialty is of course their Hakka Mee which looks like Kolok Mee in Kuching. With lots and lots of minced meat. Yummy.

Some fried tofu and their famous 'pok pok choi' which were very crunchy when you put them in your mouth.

Soup with lady fingers, wanton, tofu, etc.

We ordered chicken with herbs too. This is my favorite of all time and I never fail to order this!

Oh ya. I haven't tell you guys who my friend is huh? Look at Ms Annie. So happy posing with her chopsticks. ^___^

She came on Monday and left on Thursday. Coincidently, we booked the same flight to KL on Thursday afternoon. Haha. So, we camwhored in the departure hall and of course, I won't show you guys all the photos la. Even the lady herself hasn't seen all the photos yet. =P

We went to our separate ways when we reached KL. She took cab back to Malacca while I waited patiently for my next flight to ...

SINGAPORE!! Yea. I know I wrote that as the title of this entry but what the heck ...

Day 1

And it's all about FOOD! FOOD! FOOD!

Friends said they cannot find good food in Spore but I did! If you missed my previous food trip to Spore in year 2006, read it here. Hehe.

Upon arriving Spore, we went out to hunt food for dinner. Hehe.

The 'white' Char Kueh aka Carrot Cake. They have two versions - black or white.

Wanton Noodles. I don't like wantan mee (unless there's really no food around) but when I saw people eating that, I was so tempted. Somemore it's RED in color okay? Reminds me of the kolok mee in Kuching again. Mr. BF said I got cheated. >_<

Saw this ad pasted on a car and Mr. BF asked me to snap a pic of it. Just imagine learning automatic car would cost MORE than manual car. Sheesh!

Day 2

Breakfast was really filling.

Chui Kueh. Makes me miss the one where my friend always tapao-ed for me in Malacca.

Cheap breakfast for $2 or $3. Love the fried chicken!

Yiu Char Kueh. Tasted heavenly when you dipped that in your coffee. I find it weird at first but I had that straight for 3 days!

Fried Hokkien Mee
. Hey I tot it's supposed to be in black?

Kueh Chap! My all time fave!

At night, Mr. BF's cousin brought us (Mr. BF, his sister and parents) to Bugis Street and I went shopping like crazy with his sister. Bought a lot of baby Ts and a pair of purple flats. Hehe.

Big bun. We didn't try that as it's really big!

Prawn and Oyster Crackers.

We went for the oyster cracker since it's special.

I tried one of the 'kueh' there too and it tasted like the one we had in Phuket. Yum. Forgot to snap photo as we were busy eating.

Hmmm. Just in case you are lost in Bugis, just search for this huge fan and you'll definitely find your way out. ^___^

Day 3

Yong Tofu. His parents were really crazy about this stall and their dry Yong Tofu.

One bowl of this is really cheap. $1 - $2 I guess?

Photo with the sister wearing our new baby Ts. Hehe. I know I am still kiddy, wearing a SMURF T shirt. I really enjoy watching Smurf when I was a kid ma ... =P

Hmm. Don't know why my eyes are like one big one small lately? Anyways, there're more coming in Part 2. Stay tune!


    Ă…ngele said...

    Omg! :o All those food pixs!! I'm so hungry now... and the worst part is that I'm supposed to be on a fruit and vegetable diet this week!


    Eryn said...

    Opps! My bad.

    I felt guilty after eating so much. >_<