Saturday, April 05, 2008

Singapore - Part 2

Day 3 (Saturday)

After having breakfast, we went on our separate ways: me traveling alone to meet my friends while Mr. BF went for some quality time with his family. It was a long ride from Bedok to Bukit Bedok and I reached there earlier than expected. Wyenn was supposed to meet me there but she had something to do with her driving license so she asked me to wait for 15 mins. So, I waited there patiently. After 30 minutes, there was still no sign of her. Blar. Then she sms-ed me saying she had reached the place and couldn't call me on my phone. So I told her where I was. Then she replied me with this ...

Boodak! Oh no! I asked you to wait at the wrong place. Pai seh. Can you come to Bukit Gombak which is another 1 stop from your current location?

Speechless. -____-

After putting my luggage at her place (I spent my 3D2N with her), we went out for lunchie.

Mee Suah Soup with Fish

It was just a normal lunch as we were too hungry to hunt for other food around. It was really hot in Spore and the moment I stepped out from the house and started to walk for like 10-15 mins, I was sweating already! -____-"

We went to Queenstown and I think we spent around 4 hours hunting for sport shoes! The shoes there were on offer and I had a tough time deciding which one to get. In the end, 4 of us got 5 pairs (yeah FIVE and you read that correct) and Wyenn bought another for her little sister. Boodak! Can I be your sister so that you'll buy me a pair of Adidas too? =P

So, can you guess which one is mine? I wanted a red one so badly but in the end, I'm glad that I didn't buy that. ^___^

Dinner was at Orchard Road and they took me to Pepper Lunch. Food was great and I loved it!

This was what Wyenn ordered. Some sizzling spaghetti with fresh salmon and the unique thing about this restaurant is you have to cook your own meal there!

Mine looked more tempting right? This is the curry beef rice topped with cheese! You have to make sure that your beef is 100% cooked before you consume them. A friend of mine had a tummyache after she had this and she thinks it might be the uncooked beef! I would try this again next time, ordering the normal beef rice without the curry!

This is what you get after mixing them all together.

I think one set of that (including drink) is around $12? Can't remember as someone foot the bill for us! Can you guess who he is? LOL.

Yeap. Robin's the main sponsor of my meal. Thanks pal! He said we looked like a couple in the following pic. Hmmm. What do you think?

Not forgetting Wyenn who sponsored my stay there. Thanks Boodak!

After dinner, we went shopping at Orchard. I bought a dress for $23. Darn. I was happily paying for the dress without converting. After conversion, the dress was around RM53 and well, I think it ain't worth that much. Some more I look kiddy wearing it. >__<

I ordered Love Potion (LHS) that came with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberry soda and whipped cream while Wyenn had her hot chocolate with marsh mellows.

$11, $5

Yikes. Couple sharing the love potion?

We decided to take a cab home as we could barely walk no more. Wyenn esp. LOL.

Day 4 (Sunday)

After lunch, we went to East Coast to have a stroll.

While waiting for Robin to come, we headed out for some refreshing drinks as the weather was just too hot. See how cute my friend is? ^__^

We went for the bicycle ride. $6 for an hour I think and if you wish to rent one to pedal with your loved one (double seat/couple's bike), that's $9.

I was cycling and snapping photos all the way, so the photos didn't turn out nice. And I was sweating profusely. Can't imagine myself with a SLR in a condition like this. >__<

A lot came here for fishing.

Roller skate anyone?


That marks the end of Part 2. More to come on Part 3 and maybe 4. Hehe. Enjoy your weekend peeps!

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