Monday, April 07, 2008

Singapore - Part 3

Day 4 - Sunday

After cycling for like an hour, we went food hunting. Ooh. Here comes the good part. The famous 328 Katong Laksa Shop, visited by various celebrities (can see photos of auntie lansi with celebrities) and being introduced by Media Corp, Spore. The shop is located opps Katong Mall if I am not mistaken, so you guys can try it out. ;)

When the food came, I was wondering where my chopsticks were.

It turned out that I only need a spoon for my laksa as they have cut the meehun/mee into little strands.

It was satisfying but still, nothing can beat Kuching laksa. Not even Penang's assam laksa or Spore Katong laksa. =P

After eating, Wyenn's bf suggested Taiwan Delight located a few shops away. I love the drink, a mixture of tea and milk plus some black square thingy which tasted like jelly. And NO. It's not bubble milk tea. And they said you can find that in Taiwan only. Hmmm.

I think the steamed rice with stewed pork is the best meal I ever have in Spore! But I didn't eat the fatty meat la. Serious! It's a must try. =P

We ordered egg roll too.

Not bad. It came with egg, meat floss & veges and the texture was really soft.

Next was the Chou Tofu aka Smelly Tofu. Hmm. It wasn't as smelly as the one I smelt before in Hong Kong. I didn't run off this time and had few pieces. I think they weren't smelly enough to make me not wanna eat them. =P

On our way to Ang Mo Kio, we saw this! The Super Mario Party Car.

I saw this car in some forwarded emails and decided to Google about the car. Here's the link if you are interested.

Cute huh? I'll continue in Part 4 as I am really sleepy now. Good night everyone!

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Ă…ngele said...

The mario car is so awesome. *grin* It's so pink and I love the color :P Plus there's a lot of mario stuff inside :o